Dental Care Nightmare: Dr. Howard Schneider Accused Of Alleged Child Abuse, Medicaid Fraud In Office

Dental care is often necessary, especially for young children. However, the way Dr. Howard Schneider allegedly used it made him the thing of nightmares. Child abuse on this level comes shy of the things you see in Stephen King’s horror stories, as the writer uses children in them a lot.

Many children of low-income families in Jacksonville, Florida, experienced this horror, though it may have been passed off as children saying “the darndest things.” Dentists are often perceived as torture specialists, but this may be due to the fact that you can’t talk clearly while they do their routine work, and that awful Fluoride smell and after-taste from their cleaning procedures.

Dr. Howard Schneider has been working as a dental care professional for years, catering to children of parents on Medicaid. Now over 100 families have come forward to state that the dentist has been torturing their children and performing procedures which weren’t necessary, according to Yahoo News.

Bri-el Motley, who was six years old at the time, had been one such alleged victim in 2014 when her mother Brandi claims she’d seen some of Dr. Schneider’s alleged handiwork. Bri-el had been taken in to have one of her baby teeth removed and the procedure had been taking hours. Suddenly, Brandi witnessed the terror of what Dr. Schneider was allegedly doing.

“She said, ‘There’s been an accident.’ That’s when I see the blood. Blood on the floor and everything. She [Bri-el] was hyperventilating … and she was face-first on the floor.”

Brandi’s daughter had told her that the dentist and his nurses were covering something up, “Mommy, they’re lying to you … he was choking me while he was pulling my teeth.”

Motley had wanted to sue Dr. Schneider for his alleged child abuse as a dental care professional, but the attorney she’d called turned down the case. John Phillips had called it the “[worst] he-said-she-said you’d ever want to be part of.”

As an alternative, Brandi Motley had turned her mini-van into a rolling billboard to spread the word about Dr. Schneider and his alleged horrors. In April of 2015, she had also posted pictures of her daughter after the procedure on Facebook. The post had gone viral.

Sherraine Christopher had also witnessed Dr. Schneider’s alleged misdeeds firsthand. She had taken out her cell phone and recorded what was happening as the dentist grounded down 16 teeth on her three-year-old Zion for crowns. Other dentists insisted that what Dr. Schneider was doing was actually common for children of low-income families, as they consume more sugar and usually brush less.

The flood of families coming forward to protest the dental care professional’s alleged child abuse eventually caught John Phillips’ attention and he took the cases. Dr. Schneider, upon realizing what was happening, closed his office, allegedly to prevent a full dental board investigation. In November of 2015, Schneider had been arrested and charged with Medicaid fraud, to which he’d pleaded not guilty.

Of the nearly $4 million Dr. Howard Schneider had collected as a dental care professional from Medicaid, his protesters are currently seeking more than $15 thousand in damages, and a jury trial. One such complaint described him as a torture practitioner.

“Dentist Schneider’s deep need to inflict pain, torture, mutilate and humiliate, has driven him to create a specialized dental ‘practice’, which, by its very design and structure, provided him with a constant supply of especially defenseless, indigent, children to victimize.”

USA Today reports that many of Dr. Schneider’s staff have described him as the kind of man who derives sexual arousal from torturing children, and that he is mentally disturbed. The dental care professional has denied such allegations, “I’m sure in my lifetime I’ve done something that is off color, but it [isn’t mistreating] kids.”

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