Disney Introduces The Next Dooney Design In Their 'Dream Big, Princess' Collection: Snow White

First, there was Belle, and then there was Princess Tiana, who saw the release of her own Dooney & Bourke design for the new Disney line called "Dream Big, Princess." Now, the very first princess will get hers. This December, the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will come around, and that will be proceeded by the release of her own Disney Dooney design.

Coming up this weekend is Disney PhotoPass Day 2017, which will see a number of unique and rare character meet-and-greet and photo opportunities around Walt Disney World. Just in time for Sunday's fun times, Disney is showcasing great merchandise from the "Dream Big, Princess" line.

While all of that is extremely interesting and fans are looking forward to it, their focus has obviously fallen on something else.

The Disney Parks Blog revealed the next Dooney & Bourke design, and it will focus on the very first Disney Princess, Snow White. Set for release in "late September," the Snow White bag focuses on the original look of the star of Walt Disney's original feature-length animated film.

There may not be an exact date for the release, but by the look of it, you can bet there will be a long line when the day arrives.

No other information has been released on any other bag styles or shapes, and there is nothing known about the price yet either. Still, this is a huge deal and it is perfect timing as the Snow White Dooney will be available in time for the 80th anniversary in December.

There were already many fans of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs who thought Disney's collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue was more than enough.

Along with the release of the Dooney in late September, some open-edition, four-pin sets will also be released in late August and early September. They are also part of the "Dream Big, Princess" line, and it is known that sets will include Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, and Jasmine for starters.

Numerous Disney Princess items are available for purchase around the theme parks and are great for pictures, make-believe, and just feeling the magic. Denise Shick is the merchandise franchise and brand manager with Disney Parks Merchandise, and she believes all ages can enjoy the offerings.

"Disney's 'Dream Big, Princess' movement continues to inspire young dreamers around the world to realize their full potential," explained Denise. "At Disney Parks Merchandise, we offer a variety of products for guests of all ages that celebrate these great stories. Guests can wear many of these items in their photos during Disney PhotoPass Day as a fun way to show off which characters and stories they love."

It's true that the entire "Dream Big, Princess" line is something that is going to be huge for Disney, and it is because they have so many to design products around. Walt Disney World and Disneyland will see a lot of items, but the Dooney & Bourke collection is what they're really after. Belle and Tiana are enjoying their time to shine, but up next, it will be Snow White herself as the original princess is brought to the Disney Dooney line.

[Featured Image by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images]