Marie Reyes Leaving ‘RHOD’ Due To LeeAnne Locken’s Violent Behavior

Marie Reyes wasn’t a full-time housewife on The Real Housewives of Dallas earlier this year, but she surely made an impression on the viewers. Marie was accused of causing some trouble behind the scenes. Even though she claimed to be a friend to LeeAnne Locken, she didn’t exactly act like one. She was quick to throw her friend under the bus when the Real Housewives of Dallas ladies questioned LeeAnne’s anger issues. Now, Reyes is revealing that she won’t be returning to the show thanks to Locken’s violent behavior and past police reports.

According to a new tweet, Marie Reyes revealed that she would not be returning to The Real Housewives of Dallas. Of course, Bravo hasn’t announced the second season just yet, as they could be trying to find some new women for the show. Marie has revealed that she’s not returning and Tiffany Hendra isn’t returning either.

Locken seems to be excited at the possibility of filming the second season. No word on how Stephanie Hollman or Brandi Redmond feels about a possible second season. Cary Deuber has revealed that she’s excited about a possible second season. But Marie Reyes won’t be present on the show, even as a friend of the wives. It sounds like the violent outburst that took place during the first season of the show was enough for her.

“LeeAnne Locken Has A Documented History Of Violence With Knives – So I’m Staying Away From #RHOD Season 2,” Marie Reyes announced this week on her Twitter account, link to a police report.

“The Dallas Observer highlights the police report covering another time LeeAnne chased someone w/ a knife #RHOD,” Reyes later added in a tweet, sharing an article that detailed the knife attack.


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According to the Dallas Observer, LeeAnne was involved in a knife attack back in 2008. This was long before she was even considered for a reality show and before the Real Housewives franchise even became a big hit. It’s no secret that Locken has had an interesting past, as she grew up in the carnival environment, but it sounds like there are some things that LeeAnne would prefer to keep to herself. But thanks to Marie, her secrets may now be exposed.

Locken’s ex-boyfriend Hubert Sebanc went to the police in 2008 and filed a police report against her. And this is something that Marie Reyes wants people to know, as she linked to the Dallas Observer article that explains what happened. According to the article, Locken was furious with Sebanc because he was flirting with another woman. She began chasing him with a large kitchen knife “in a cutting motion.” Apparently, he locked himself in the bedroom to avoid her from stabbing him.

When he called the police, he held the phone up so the dispatcher could hear how she was yelling at him. LeeAnne supposedly surprised him when he finally did leave the room, jumping at home, leaving scrapes and redness near his right eye. She had left the home by the time police arrived. As it turns out, he never pressed any charges and never decided to pursue a case. And Locken reveals that this is because his story isn’t true.

“If you look at that record you will see that the person who filed it said no prosecution, which means he recanted all of it,” LeeAnne has revealed about the case, adding, “So have I ever been in a relationship that got ugly and the person got completely dramatic? 100 percent. Sure. Have I ever gone at someone with a knife? No. That’s ridiculous.”

It sounds like Marie Reyes feels scared in regards to her co-star’s behavior and she wants to call out her co-star for her behavior rather than just step aside and leave the show.

What do you think of Marie Reyes’ comments about leaving the show behind? Do you think she’s scared?

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