Hillary Clinton’s Personal Health: What Was Going On With Her Eyes In Philadelphia?

Hillary Clinton’s personal health as a worldwide hot topic and the speculation doesn’t look as if it’s going to cool off anytime soon.

The Democratic presidential nominee had another peculiar episode, marked by bizarre eye movements, while giving a speech in Philadelphia on Monday. John R. Coppedge, an MD who works as a surgeon in Texas and is a contributor to the Washington publication the Hill, has a theory as to what might have been going on.

“It appears that she has a problem with her left sixth cranial nerve. That nerve serves only one function and that is to make the lateral rectus muscle contract. That muscle turns the eye in the direction away from the midline.”

Yet another symptom of damage done to her brain, it seems, which makes one wonder what else could be going on with Hillary Clinton’s personal health on a neurological scale. Are there unseen issues going on, things that are being intentionally hidden from the electorate?

With the way she and her campaign have handled these health concerns thus far, it seems completely justifiable to question whether they’re keeping the truth from the American people.

When the lateral rectus muscle is not working properly, it causes the eyes to go off course from one another while causing bouts of double vision. Speaking of double vision, Clinton had to wear special glasses to prevent that very thing following the head injury she suffered in December of 2012.

Of course, as Coppedge points out, there’s a whole heap of medical conditions that might cause a dysfunctional lateral rectus muscle, but in his medical opinion, the cause of Hillary’s strange eye movements has to do with the blood clot in her brain that she got as a result of her falling and hitting her head.

What’s interesting here is that Coppedge believes there is deception regarding the method in which the blood clot problem was resolved, as it was documented that the blood thinner Coumadin was administered and was able to dissolve the clot. However, according to this doctor, Coumadin is not a medication that has the ability to dissolve a clot, but rather it’s used to prevent future clots. Coppedge also says that blood clots of this nature rarely dissolve and go away either with treatment or on their own, but that’s exactly what Clinton’s doctor reported to have occurred.

Hillary Clinton’s personal health seems to be much more complicated than anyone originally thought.

“If, as is statistically likely, Clinton’s transverse sinus is still blocked, she would still have increased pressure and swelling and decreased blood flow to her brain. That swelling would place pressure on the exposed portion of the sixth cranial nerve at the base of her brain, explaining the apparent lateral rectus palsy.”

Coppedge points out that when people who have depleted blood flow through the brain become dehydrated, it’s not abnormal for that person to pass out. He believes this is a potential explanation for Clinton’s September 11 collapse.

Coppedge is prepared for naysayers to wag their fingers at him, insisting his opinion means nothing because he’s not a neurologist. He also hasn’t seen Hillary Clinton’s personal health records, let alone treated the former First Lady.

Hillary Clinton's personal health

The surgeon stands by his claims, however, commenting that while those things may be true, he is a trained physician, and all trained physicians, regardless of their specialty, are taught these concepts very early on in their medical schooling.

“Crudely put ‘when you itch, it is probably not lice and fleas but one or the other.’ More professionally put, in most cases the patient’s symptoms can be explained by one unifying diagnosis, not a constellation of disparate ones.”

Coppedge has no problem admitting that his theory is based on speculation, saying it’s his “attempt to understand and rationally explain what is going on, based on known facts and the observable signs exhibited by Clinton.”

The Texas surgeon is far from the first doctor to make his or her opinion on Clinton’s medical problems known to the public, and hopefully he receives no disrespect or unfair treatment as a result, as some, like “America’s favorite doctor” Dr. Drew did when CNN canceled his show soon after he told sources that he believes Hillary has brain damage. No longer is he “America’s favorite doctor.”

Hillary Clinton’s personal health remains a mystery, and until she and her doctor decide to come clean to the American people, the speculation will undoubtedly continue.

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