WWE News: Seth Rollins’ Buckle Bomb Being Banned By WWE Officials?

In WWE history, there’s really only been two moves that were banned for being too dangerous until Seth Rollins came along. Before Rollins, those two moves were the piledriver and Randy Orton’s punt kick. The piledriver was banned primarily after Owen Hart broke Stone Cold Steve Austin’s neck in a match. That wasn’t the initial reason for the permanent ban, but it certainly helped the WWE’s case in getting rid of it. It’s only been used once outside of the Undertaker and Kane when CM Punk hit John Cena with it on WWE Raw.

As for Orton’s punt kick, there were no reported injuries to that. However, when the WWE went into full PG mode, they didn’t want kids at home replicating the move. Even though children will anyway, the WWE decided the devastating finishing move for Orton wasn’t worth keeping. Those were the banned maneuvers before Rollins made it to the main roster and had one move restricted in his first three years in the company.

Rollins US and World Titles
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Much like Orton’s punt kick, Rollins’ finisher, the Curb Stomp, could be dangerous if not done in a WWE ring. So, WWE officials wanted to protect the adolescence mind and ban him from using that finishing move. WWE fans know what happened next, and that’s the Pedigree granted from Triple H onto “the Man.” They needed to get the move off of Rollins and find a way to have it make sense. Then, another one of Rollins’ moves got the boot.

In a match against Sting, Rollins performed his patented buckle bomb, which forced Sting to retire due to a neck injury from that move. His head snapped backward after being thrown too hard. Then, over a year later, he threw Balor into the barricade using the same move, and Balor tore ligaments in his shoulder. So, after injuring two WWE superstars in two years, the WWE could decide to do the right thing. In a report by the 434, Seth Rollins’ buckle bomb move could get banned after injuring a second WWE superstar in a match.

“Rumors are saying that WWE are close to banning Seth Rollins from using this move, just like they banned his old finisher the curb stomp. Seth Rollins has been training on how to execute the move more safely but no word on if he will be able to keep the move or not.

“Seth Rollins challenges Kevin Owens for the Universal Title this Sunday at WWE Clash of Champions.”

Truthfully, it should have been banned immediately after Balor got hurt. However, the WWE will do what they want regardless. Bret Hart, WWE Hall of Famer, has remained vocal about Rollins’ in-ring safety, according to a report by the Inquisitr.

Bret Hart
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In a recent podcast with Booker T, Hart continued to talk about Rollins and him being safe in the ring. This time, the Excellence of Execution said he’s actually a big fan of Rollins, inside a report by Wrestling Inc.

“Actually, I’m a big fan of Seth Rollins. I mean, it sounds like I’ve been a little hard on him the last few months, but I’m trying to make a point to make him a better wrestler, to live up to what I expect out of him.”

Hart is being very fair with the former-WWE World champion. Rollins’ buckle bomb needs to be removed from his arsenal, regardless if it was Sting’s or Balor’s fault that they got hurt. Seth Rollins is a world class wrestler and entertainer. Letting the stigma of one move hurt his credentials isn’t appropriate and should never happen. Therefore, banning the buckle bomb is best for business, and for all WWE superstars involved.

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