‘Alien UFO Invasion Fleet’ Sparks Panic In West Devon, England — ETs Aren’t Taking Over, It’s The Army, Police Calm Fears [Video]

Residents of West Devon in southwest England were thrown into panic on the night of Tuesday, September 20 following reports of alleged extraterrestrial activity in the skies over the area. Hundreds of residents reported sighting strange crafts flying in the air, with flashes of light that sparked fears of alien attack and invasion.

According to the Torquay Herald Express, police said they received countless 999 calls on Tuesday from alarmed residents reporting strange UFO and alien activity in the skies over Dartmoor.

Police struggled to handle a sudden flood of emergency calls at about 9 p.m. local time. Scared residents described seeing strange “floating lights” and flashes in the sky that persisted for minutes.

A spokesperson for the HM Coastguard also reported that they received several calls on Tuesday night about bright flashes and strange lights hovering in the night sky.

Amateur footage (see above) taken over West Devon by Tanya Davis, 43, and her daughter Charlee, 15, shows strange bright lights hovering in dark skies for a few minutes before moving away, according to Express.

Tanya responded to suggestions that the light could have come from a drone, saying the craft was “too big” and “too silent” to have been a drone.

Alien UFO invasion fleet
Alien UFOs position ready for Earth invasion [Image by Marc Ward/Shutterstock]

Tanya said she and her daughter were scared. They called Exeter Airport in East Devon, hoping that officials would be able to explain the sighting, but they were also puzzled.

Media reports about the sightings sparked interest. UFO enthusiasts and tourists were preparing to move to the area to witness the strange activity when police authorities in Devon and Cornwall issued a statement denying rumors that West Devon was under attack by an alien invasion fleet.

A police spokesperson took to Twitter on Tuesday, calling for calm and saying that the Dartmoor area was not under attack by an extraterrestrial force. According to the police spokesperson, Resource Deployment and Enhanced Crisis Communication Officer Gary, the strange sightings over the area was the military conducting training exercises.

“I can confirm there are no #UFOs over #Okehampton. @BritishArmy have an exercise ongoing with flares.. Countless 999 calls now… #WordsFail.”


The Royal Marines and other British forces, including the territorial and reserve forces based in southwest England, conduct regular training exercises in Dartmoor with live firing and night training exercises, according to the North Devon Journal.

Enthusiasts consider Devon a UFO hotspot because there have been several reported UFO sightings over the area in recent years.

Earlier in June, John Hanson, a retired West Midlands police officer, reported sighting a rocket-like UFO flying over the skies of North Devon.

In February of 2015, the Mirror reported rumors that a craft from outer space crashed near Dawlish on the south coast of Devon. The rumors were sparked by a video that surfaced online showing what appeared to be a bright UFO flying in to land in the sea off the coast.

Aliens land in Devon, U..K.
UFO sightings sparked alien invasion fears in West Devon, England [Image by Lena_graphics/Shutterstock]

But skeptics said it was only space junk making a fiery re-entry.

A hotline maintained by the British Ministry of Defense received hundreds of reported sightings of UFOs over Devon and other parts of the U.K. before it was shut down in 2009, after being active for about 50 years, according to the International Business Times.

A report by the Ministry of Defense revealed that between 2000 and 2007, the hotline handled an average of about 150 reports every year.

Files pertaining to the reports, stored at the National Archives in Kew, document correspondence between officials about UFO reports received on the hotline.

In a controversial case, an official addressed a letter to the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, wondering whether the “British people have the right to know if our world has been contacted by alien civilizations?”

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