Florida Christian Woman Judy Jones Says She Was Issued A Ticket Because Of Her Faith, Calls Cop ‘Demon From Hell’ [Video]

Judy Jones, a Christian woman from Punta Gorda, Florida, is making allegations of religious profiling against a Florida Highway Patrol trooper. According to Jones, she was targeted for a traffic citation because she used her vehicle to advertise her Christian faith.

Judy Jones’ pickup truck is covered with Christian artwork, something that shouldn’t be an issue. However, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper apparently had an issue with what the Florida woman had done to her vehicle’s windshield. That’s where, according to Jones and Florida law enforcement, she had affixed large, opaque, white vinyl letters spelling out the common Christian quote, “What would Jesus do?”

As NBC News 2 reports, Florida Christian woman Judy Jones was issued a ticket in the amount of $100 for the lettering along the top of her vehicle’s windshield. According to law enforcement and Florida law, windshields cannot be obstructed with any material, decals, or signage that is not clear. They say that the Christian Florida woman was issued a ticket because the lettering on her windshield violated the law, not because of the message they spelled out or because of Judy Jones’ obvious Christian faith.

Judy Jones, however, has a different opinion about the ticket she received. She believes that she was deliberately targeted because of her Christian faith. According to the Florida woman, the officer that wrote her ticket even referred to words as “that Jesus thing up there.”

“First thing he said to me, he said, ‘I want you to know that you are breaking the law.’ And I said, ‘How am I breaking the law, sir?’ He said, ‘With that sign up there, that Jesus thing up there.”

According to Russell Uhlig, who says he installs the same exact decal on other cars and has one on his own vehicle, the decal is in compliance with Florida state law. At the very least, he says that he has never been pulled over for his expression of faith, let alone ticketed.

“In no vehicle that I have had that put on, from mine to anyone else’s does it block that view. Every one of those decals are in that tint strip.”

The tint strip on the Florida Christian woman’s windshield could be the deciding factor in the case, too. Every windshield on every vehicle is manufactured with distinctive markings that indicate the “tint point,” or the lowest portion of the windshield that can be covered with tint before the driver’s view is compromised.

Jones’ ticket, which she is going to court tomorrow (Thursday) to fight, could possibly cost her a cool $100 or be dismissed based upon whether her “What would Jesus do?” message was above or below that line.

The Florida Highway Patrol has unequivocally denied that Judy Jones’ ticket had anything at all to do with her Christian display or the content of the message her windshield was displaying to fellow motorists. Indeed, despite the Florida Christian woman’s vow to fight the “discrimination” in court, spokespersons for the FHP swear that she got a ticket because she broke state law.

Despite the adamant statements of the Florida Highway Patrol, Judy Jones says she knows in her heart why she got a ticket. According to her, it was because of her relationship with Jesus. Indeed, in the video above, Judy Jones called the officer who wrote the ticket a “demon from hell, probably.”

“I was picked out to be picked on in the name of Jesus.”

The Florida Christian woman has sworn that she will fight her $100 ticket with everything she has, and presumably with the power of Christ at her back.

“I’m going to court for Jesus.”

According to Judy Jones, the allegedly “law breaking” Christian wasn’t getting in the way of her being a good driver, not in the slightest.

“It is not obstructing any, my sight at all.”

What do you think about Jones’ plight? Is this a case of a motorist flagrantly violating a valid law? Or do you think that Florida Christian woman Judy Jones was deliberately targeted for sharing her faith?

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