Michael Vick Hasn’t Really Blown $30 Million, Defenders Say

Reports that Michael Vick has blown $30 million in the past four years spread rapidly around the internet this week after TMZ.com reported on the quarterback’s finances, but defenders say the insinuation that Vick squandered the money is not accurate.

As Inquisitr previously noted, reports that Vick has blown $30 million do not jive with the actual bankruptcy papers from the NFL star. It found that Vick spent $10.9 million in taxes, $9.2 million for creditors, and $2.7 million to accountants and lawyers. The remaining nearly $7 million went to child support, living expenses, and other purchases.

Vick’s financial situation and the idea that he has blown $30 million was emphasized in his reaction to the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary series, which this week focused on the financial mistakes of professional athletes.

After the episode ““Broke” aired, Vick sent the message “Be smart with your $” via Twitter.But many of those responding to reports that Vick has blown $30 million seemed claim he didn’t follow his own advice. That didn’t sit well with many people, including Bomani Jones.


As The Huffington Post noted, the sportswriter leaped to Vick’s defense on Twitter. Noting that he has three degrees in economics but has still “done some dumb stuff with money,” Jones engaged a number of Twitter responders over the course of hours to defend Vick.

Philadelphia Inquirer writer Peter Mucha also countered the accusation that Vick blew $30 million. He noted that the majority of his charges over the past four years includes tax bills and other court-mandated payments, which he says is not exactly “squandering.”