Bullying Brothers: Two Boys Beat Up Another Student On The School Bus [Video]

Scottsdale, AZ – A pair of brothers beat up a fellow middle school student while the children were riding on the school bus. Witnesses to what is being called a bullying incident whipped out their cell phones not to call for help but to capture the bus fight on video. Parker Brockman was beaten by the two other boys after they reportedly harassed him on the way home from Sunrise Middle School, according KNXV-TV.

The bus driver eventually pulled over to stop the fight but not until after multiple punches had been thrown. The seventh grade victim claims that the brothers insulted and cursed at him before the altercation became physical, the New York Daily News reports.

Parker Brockman had this to say about the alleged bullying ordeal:

“He was literally telling me to punch him the whole time. After a while I swung a few punches. They were basically on top of me trying to punch me face.”

Brockman’s mother, Tiffany Hunter, said she knew something was wrong with her son when he came home from school, but he initially did not tell her about the fight on the bus. Once the seventh grade student came clean to his mother about what had happened, the upset mother noted her son is a frequent target for bullies. She claims that the brothers, who are accused of instigating the fight, are known as bullies by other local parents.


Hunter had this to say during an interview with KNXV-TV:

“This never would’ve happened if they were aware of the fact that these boys have been picking on other people. He [her son] tries to be a tough guy. He doesn’t back down.”

Sunrise Middle School has reportedly suspended the two brothers from both attending class and riding the bus.