University Of Texas: Students Claim Bleach Balloon Attacks Are Racially Motivated

Four Asian and black students at the University of Texas (UT) claim they were hit, or nearly hit, with bleach balloons in racially motivated attacks. The allegations prompted campus protests calling for an end to intolerance at the culturally diverse Texas college. The four students who met with university police officers on Monday allege that balloons they believe were filled with bleach were thrown at them between June and September.

The alleged racism occurred near the West Campus apartments, according to ABC News. The facility is not a part of the University of Texas campus but does house a significant number of students. Rumors about bleach bombs have been circulating around the UT campus for several months. University Police Chief Robert Dahlstrom is currently investigating the claims after four minority students decided to come forward and voice their concerns, the Daily Mail reports.

African American student Jaysen Runnels claims he has twice been targeted by bleach bombs and had this to say about the incidents during an interview with KVUE:

“It’s very frustrating to know that it’s 2012 and that stuff like this still happens. A bleach bomb fell and hit me, my roommate. Well, almost hit us. It barely missed us.”

UT sophomore Taylor Carr, who also reported a bleach balloon attack, feels that, until pressure is put on the university, the incidents will continue to occur, The Horn reports.

Campus law enforcement officers have not yet been able to confirm if the balloons were actually filled with bleach or if the reported attacks were acts of racism. Some students noted that a racial epitaph was yelled before the rubber projectiles were tossed in their direction.


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