‘Big Brother: Over The Top’: New Cast, Lower Prize Money, And More Viewer Control Over the ‘BB’ Game?

'Big Brother Over the Top'

With Big Brother 18 ending on September 21, the fans are gearing up for the premiere of the CBS All Access version of Big Brother: Over The Top. Big Brother Access reported everything we know so far about the new season and what the fans can expect from the new viewer experience.

Big Brother’s executive producer, Allison Grodner, didn’t explicitly say that there would be no veteran players cast in the digital version of the reality TV show but was quoted as saying that she thinks the “superstars” of the show are better suited for the summer edition of Big Brother.

One of the things we do know about Big Brother: Over The Top is Julie Chen will continue to host the show. The fans speculate that Julie will be the one to host the live evictions every Wednesday night. We do know that Julie’s role on the digital version of Big Brother “a little different than the fans are used to.” What that means exactly, the Big Brother fans will have to wait for the season premiere to find out.

The prize money was sliced in half for Big Brother: Over The Top. The series will run ten live eviction episodes with the prize money of $250,000. It is still quite a bit of money, but still less money than the summer version that pays out $500,000 to the winner.

The Big Brother: Over The Top episode will air weekly on Wednesday at 10 P.M. E.T/7P.M PST. The episodes will be available the following day on-demand. The CBS press release did not reveal if the digital version would continue to show three episodes a week and it would air on Wednesday evenings, or if the show would only air one eviction episode. We’ll have to wait until September 28 for the premiere to find out.

Like Big Brother 18, the digital version will give the viewers 24-hour access to the house. CBS revealed that they will not block competitions and nomination and POV (Power of Veto) ceremonies from the live feeds. Also, Big Brother will give the contestants incentives to stay awake. Production hopes that will reduce the “boring” live feeds of watching the houseguest snooze their day away.

CBS revealed that the fans would be given “unprecedented” interactive opportunities to have a direct impact on the game. Apparently, viewers will be able to vote on things that will affect the live game. The viewers now have the option to select a commercial-free CBS Access plan for only $4.00 more per month. It doesn’t change the live feeds because it is commercial-free now. It would come in handy when watching the eviction shows, as well as any other CBS show on the website or app.

Once the Big Brother: Over The Top houseguests arrive in the house, they will see a few suggestions left for them on dry-erase board from the final three of Big Brother 18, Carter Matt reported. Nicole Franzel advised the players to “be themselves and play hard.” Paul Abrahamian not-so-politely stated “not to get into a showmance.” And, James’ suggestion was not mentioned.

Big Brother fans, do you think that BBOTT will bring veteran players for the digital version of the show? Are you excited about the new season of Big Brother? There is so much about the CBS Access digital version of Big Brother that is a big mystery. It’s just eight more days until the mystery and excitement are over.

Big Brother: Over The Top premieres on September 28 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. central. It will air exactly one week after we crown the winner of Big Brother 18.

[Feature Image via CBS All Access]