JetBlue Free Flights Offer, Company Will Help Disgruntled Voters Leave The Country

JetBlue’s free flights giveaway will help customers leave the country if the guy they vote for loses the upcoming November election. At some point over the last year, most of us have heard or personally uttered the words, “If the other guy wins, I’m leaving the country.” JetBlue is taking that statement serious and will offer 1,006 round trip flights for a total of 2,012 free seats.

The round-trip airfare from the New York airline will be given away immediately following the Presidential election results. Anyone wishing to enter the Jet Blue free flights contest can visit and pick their choice for President.

Depending on who wins the election, JetBlue customers on the losing side can choose to simply not return home, keeping with the statement they probably mentioned to friends a thousand times.

Customers beware as you will still be responsible for taxes, fees, and your hotel room. JetBlue also will not be covering any of your food or other expenses.

Given the extra fees associated with the JetBlue free flights, this deal might be best served for potential winners who were already planning an out-of-the-country trip.

The JetBlue free flights contest includes any of the airlines international routes include Mexico and the Caribbean.

Would you want to leave the country if either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins?