‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Awaits His Verdict, Claudette Stirs Up Trouble, And Paul Opens Up To Dillon

'General Hospital' star William deVry

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Tuesday’s episode will be a dramatic one. Everybody is waiting for the verdict in Julian’s trial, and there is some shocking news for some Port Charles residents on the way. Where are things headed during the September 20 show?

Ava’s shenanigans with Paul laid the groundwork for some problematic moments during the trial, and it looks like the deal they made may just work. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Alexis will be struggling in the aftermath of her messy testimony as Olivia will blame Alexis for the fact that Julian may be set free.

Julian does not know exactly what his sister has been up to regarding his case, but General Hospital spoilers detail that she will taunt her brother a bit over the fact that he owes her in a big way. People throughout town will be buzzing about the jury deliberations, and Griffin will overhear Scott on the phone talking about how his client may go free. Of course, this will leave Griffin feeling quite upset, and it looks like he’ll be questioning the attorney over the specifics.

We Love Soaps shares that everybody will be anxiously awaiting news regarding the jury’s decision, and there are hints that the mobster will be acquitted. General Hospital spoilers note that Carly will plead with Sonny to ensure that the killing throughout town stops, and she will push him to take a stand on the situation.

Spinelli shared an interesting and juicy tidbit with Maxie during Monday’s show, revealing that he could not find any sign of Claudette’s existence online, which is something that is most definitely significant given Spinelli’s computer skills. Neither seems to know what to make of this so far, and Maxie shared what she had learned with Nathan. Before they can make much more progress on this front, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Claudette will approach Nathan asking him for help. Just what is the truth regarding her, and what does she want from Nathan now?

Viewers have been quite anxious to find out Paul’s motive for killing people at General Hospital, and there are spoilers teasing that the reveal may move one step closer during Tuesday’s episode. Paul is said to talk with Dillon and admit that he has done something very bad, but fans certainly should not expect him to suddenly confess to being the “Angel of Mercy” killer. However, he might share something that will at least clue in the viewers to a degree, and Paul is said to be quite vulnerable during this talk with his son.



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General Hospital spoilers tease that as the week continues, both Michael and Morgan will be struggling, and there is action involving Finn and Hayden coming as well. Soap Central details that Franco will be feeling anxious over ensuring that Elizabeth stays safe, and Jason will be brought into the mix of this situation as well. Tracy is feeling desperate over the state of GH at this point, and fans can expect to see a custody battle brewing between Michael and Joe over Teddy in the wake of Sabrina’s death.

Just why is Paul killing people in Port Charles, and how will he be caught? Will Julian go free, and if so, what does this mean for Alexis? What is the truth about Claudette and her background, and will her continued presence in Port Charles ultimately break Nathan and Maxie apart? General Hospital spoilers hint at big twists and turns on the way as the fall continues and significant reveals come together. Fans will not want to miss any of the action ahead as the drama intensifies and emotions run high throughout town.

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