‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas Cassadine’s Fate Seemingly Revealed As Tyler Christopher Discusses His Show Status [Updated]

General Hospital star Tyler Christopher has been away from the role of Nikolas Cassadine for a while now, but it sounds as if there may be hope for fans anxious to see him return. The actor attended the show’s fan club weekend and shared that he is hoping to step back into the role shortly. However, as the word spread of the announcement he made, he also took to social media to walk things back just a bit.

Tyler Christopher last aired in the role of Nikolas Cassadine in June, and until now there had been no word regarding a return. Nick Stabile took over as Nik for a bit, but he last aired earlier this month when Cassadine was shot and presumed dead. Nik’s mother Laura was horrified to learn of his apparent death, which came so soon after he himself had staged his death back in Port Charles.


Viewers have not been all that convinced, however, that Nikolas is really dead. Many felt that it was perhaps a bit disconcerting, however, to see the character fall off the canvas in the midst of such a heavy focus on the Cassadine family and mysteries with no word regarding Christopher’s return.

Would the show leave Nikolas off the canvas for an extended time? Would they go with another recast? While some came to embrace Stabile in the role, particularly given the chemistry that his Nik had with Ava, others were not all that enamored. Luckily, it seems that Tyler’s return may be coming soon.

As Soap Central details, Christopher attended a General Hospital Fan Club Weekend event Friday night, and during the event he shared some exciting news with fans. It seems that he told attendees that he would begin taping new scenes as Nikolas quite soon.

Even just seeing Tyler back at show events is welcome news for his supporters, as around the time of his departure from the show, he canceled at least one event and even stepped back from social media. By all accounts, it does look like he is anxious to get back to work.


While his announcement at the fan event made it seem like a done deal, the General Hospital star did head to Twitter to try to clarify the situation. Christopher said that nothing is official yet, but he thinks that he will return in September. It is not clear as of yet whether he would begin filming in September or return on-air in September, however. Tyler has never shared specifics regarding his break from the show, but the buzz has been that he has been in the midst of some lengthy and difficult contract negotiations that necessitated the departure.

If indeed Christopher’s absence has been due to contract negotiation issues, he would not be the only General Hospital star to have been through a bit of an ordeal over the past few months. Rebecca Herbst’s contract negotiations were said to be rather complicated and difficult as well, and the writers were even told at one point to stop writing for Elizabeth until the situation was resolved. There had also been rumors of issues regarding whether or not Roger Howarth would be sticking around as Franco, but nothing official emerged about any supposed issues on that front.

In addition to Christopher’s absence and the temporary recasting of his Cassadine character, General Hospital viewers were dismayed to see Kirsten Storms take a break from the role of Maxie as well. However, Storms was quick to share with fans that her departure was due to a skin issue and she is already back at work. In fact, reports indicate that she will be back on-screen during the coming week.

While General Hospital viewers will have to wait a bit longer for confirmation regarding Tyler Christopher’s return, viewers are glad to hear that a deal seems to be coming together and that there is more action on the way for Nikolas Cassadine. What do you hope comes next for the character when he is seemingly found alive once again?

Update:Unfortunately, it looks like Christopher and the General Hospital team were not able to come to terms on bringing the actor back to Port Charles. Despite mentioning a fall return, Tyler has now confirmed that he will not be returning to the role at all. At this point, Nikolas remains presumed dead, but the door is definitely open for a recast. Will GH decide to bring Nick Stabile back in the role? For now, fans will have to hang tight and stay tuned.

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