Body Double Or Replacement: Is Hillary Clinton Dead?

Is Hillary Clinton dead? Did she die after attending the 9/11 ceremony in New York? Is her death being concealed from the public? From The Trenches World Report has collected a plethora of evidence including news clips, photographs, and social media posts that support the possibly that Hillary Clinton could be dead.

Unless you live under a rock, nearly everyone knows Hillary Clinton attended the September 11 Memorial Ceremony at Ground Zero in Manhattan on Sunday morning. Despite the fact that the heatwave in the area broke the night before and the temperatures were in what most people considered to be comfortable 70s at the time, Clinton ended up leaving the ceremony early because she was having what was described as a “medical episode.” In the video below, you can see Hillary leaning up against the security barrier for support as she is waiting for her motorcade to pull up.

In the video, you see Hillary being assisted as she moves towards the vehicle. Her movement appears to be unsteady and stiff. Her security detail appears to have to grab her under both of her arms in order to get to the motorcade. Towards the end of the video, you see what appears to be Hillary collapsing forward and being dragged into the motorcade by her security detail. The action of putting Clinton into her motorcade happens so quickly she loses one of her shoes in the process.

Is it possible she never recovered from this “medical episode”? Is it possible Hillary Clinton is dead?

During a segment of ABC Eyewitness Breaking News at 11:00 p.m. on September 11, Anchorman Joe Torre appeared to have claimed that Hillary Clinton was dead. Watch the video below and see if you agree that the anchorman reported she was dead:

Mediaite reports the anchorman just made a mistake in reporting that Hillary Clinton was dead. Mediaite goes on to report that Clinton is very much alive and continuing to make public appearances which she would not be able to do if she was dead. Is it possible this anchorman just tripped over his words and accidentally reported that Hillary Clinton was dead?

For roughly an hour and a half after Hillary’s medical episode, all of the media was forced to stop recording during the ceremony. The media was also prevented from leaving, so there was no way for them to follow Hillary’s motorcade. Hillary Clinton’s campaign later claimed Hillary just got overheated and was taken to her daughter’s house to rest. The campaign went on to say that Hillary was doing much better.

It wasn’t too much longer after that, the campaign released an official statement from Hillary’s doctor which claimed she was recovering after being diagnosed with pneumonia. The statement claimed she had been prescribed antibiotics and was told to rest until she was feeling better.

Enter Body Double?

A short time after the “medical episode” a person believed to be Hillary Clinton was seen leaving Chelsea Clinton’s home on East 26th Street. There were, however, a few problems with this person who was alleged to be Hillary. In fact, this person appeared to be roughly 30 pounds lighter than the Hillary who was just at the ceremony a few hours earlier. Check out the video below of the alleged Hillary leaving Chelsea Clinton’s house and see if you think it is the same person:

In addition to being obviously thinner than Hillary, the gait of this individual is also dramatically different than the Hillary who was seen at the ceremony just hours earlier. From The Trenches World Report also questions why Hillary embraced the small child who came up to her on the street if she was suffering from pneumonia. Furthermore, didn’t it seem odd that Hillary wasn’t completely surrounded by her security detail when leaving her daughter’s house? In fact, there didn’t appear to be security around her at all! Who was that little girl, and why was it so easy for her to casually walk up to Hillary?

From The Trenches World Report even points out the fact that Hillary always carries her handbags over her left shoulder and the individual in the video above is carrying the handbag over her right shoulder. Why would a woman who always carries her handbag over her left shoulder suddenly change something that – for most women – is habit?

Is it possible it was Teresa Barnswell – a well-known Hillary Clinton impersonator – and not Hillary Clinton at all?

Is it possible the entire country is being kept in the dark and Hillary Clinton is actually dead? Share your thoughts in the comments.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

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