WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’: Mick Foley Books Roman Reigns Vs. Rusev For United States Championship At ‘Clash of Champions’

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

During the opening of the September 19 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns came out to the ring to express his displeasure over last week’s main event. Reigns faced off with Kevin Owens with the stipulation that if he won, he would be involved in a triple-threat match at WWE Clash of Champions for the WWE Universal Championship against Owens and Seth Rollins.

Prior to the match, WWE Monday Night Raw general manager Mick Foley warned Seth Rollins that there would be repercussions if he interfered in the match. Rollins ignored Foley’s warning and got involved, but Foley had him escorted back to his office and restarted the match only to have Rusev get involved and help Owens come out victorious.

Rusev then went on to destroy Reigns and put him in The Accolade as Raw came to an end. The Bulgarian Brute was still infuriated from a few weeks ago when Roman Reigns ruined his wedding celebration with his bride Lana in the middle of the ring.

As a result of their interference in last week’s match, Foley put Seth Rollins and Rusev in a match against each other in the first match to take place on Monday Night Raw. The match resulted in a double count-out, but only time will tell how much damage each man suffered only six days prior to Clash of Champions.

Foley wasn’t done there as far as announcing matches. The Raw general manager also made a match for Clash of Champions that will feature Roman Reigns vs. Rusev for the WWE United States Championship. The two were supposed to fight at SummerSlam on August 21, but the match never officially started as Rusev attacked Reigns prior to the bell ringing.

Reigns would go on to hit Rusev with a chair and a spear which led to Rusev being declared unfit to fight.

If that wasn’t enough for one night, Mick Foley had one more trick up his sleeve as he announced a blockbuster main event match for later in Monday Night Raw. Because Roman Reigns’ match against Kevin Owens last week was interfered with, Foley booked a rematch between those two guys to happen in a steel cage.

This is another match that could do some serious damage to two men who have matches in just six days. Clash of Champions will be Kevin Owens’ first-ever pay-per-view title defense and he’s set to go against one of the top guys in the business in Rollins. Reigns also will need to be at full-strength in order to have a chance against an angry Rusev in the WWE United States Championship match on Sunday.

Hopefully, the feud between Rusev and Reigns will finally come to an end at Clash of Champions. The WWE Universe hasn’t really bought into Roman Reigns as a face completely, which has led to problems for the WWE creative team. The feud with Rusev has made sense because Rusev has never been anything besides a heel, but the storyline is getting stale and something needs to be changed up.

It’s highly unlikely that Reigns would fit in a storyline for the WWE Universal Championship, especially if Kevin Owens retains the title on Sunday. Roman has held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship three times in just under 10 months and the WWE Universe disapproves every time.

In all honesty, it may be time for a heel turn for Roman. As much as the WWE continues to push him as a face, he’s in a tough spot because he’s the guy that became “The Guy” after Daniel Bryan was forced to retire. It may be something that sticks with Roman Reigns for a long time, and something that’s totally not his fault.

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