Petty Thieves Unknowingly Defused Second New York Bomb As They Steal Suitcase, Help Lead To The Arrest Of Ahmad Khan Rahami

The detonation of an explosive in last night’s attack on New York was foiled by a couple of thieves. This is the second time that New York petty criminals have foiled bomb attacks in just the previous week.

A pair of petty thieves noticed a suitcase on the sidewalk Sunday night. The duo did not see an obvious owner and attempted to open the suitcase and see what was inside, according to DNA Info. After a bit of work, the thieves opened the suitcase and found the makeshift bomb inside. During the process of opening the suitcase, the thieves inadvertently disabled the bomb; a pressure cooker with a cellular phone attached. Rather than leave it all behind and move onward to safety, the thieves placed the explosive device into a trash bag and discarded it. They then took the suitcase with them.

Although police are grateful that the thieves were able to disarm the explosive device before it could cause harm, they are concerned that their actions put lives in danger. Also, they are wondering why the thieves did not call the police.

An unnamed police officer is baffled that the thieves took the suitcase, even after discarding the explosive device.

“Who in this world finds a pressure cooker with a phone and just takes the bag?”

On Saturday, a pair of men found a backpack on top of a trash can in the train station, according to Metro. When they opened it and noticed the pipe bombs inside, they immediately discarded the bag and contacted the police.

Since the thieves defused the pressure cooker bomb, police were able to examine the cell phone that was attached, according to Travel Pulse. The information found within the cell phone led investigators to Ahmad Khan Rahami. He was contained shortly after a shootout this morning, and his motive in the crime will be further investigated over the upcoming days.

Information found on the cellular phone included images on social media that showed Rahami’s face and included his personal information.

Police urge anyone traveling through New York City that they should not attempt to handle any strange package that is left on the street or in a trash can. Instead, they are urged to contact the police and report the package so that it can be properly investigated.

The duo of thieves that stole the suitcase were lucky the pressure cooker bomb did not go off as they were handling it. Their lives were in grave danger at the time.

The attacks on New York this weekend are a reminder to be constantly vigilant in crowded streets. Although paranoia should not be practiced, reporting suspicious items that are left alone is a new way of living. Despite escaping the wrath of the pressure cooker bomb unharmed, in the future, the thieves may not be so lucky. If the bomb would have exploded, other lives in the immediate vicinity could have also been lost.

There are conflicting reports regarding whether the thieves that found the backpack and the suitcase are the same pair of petty criminals. However, New York citizens have taken to Twitter and praised them for their unintentional good deed, claiming it is “The most New York thing ever”.

The identities of the thieves are not known at this time. It is unclear whether they will receive punishment for their thievery or praise for diffusing the device if they are ever discovered.

Police have reported that the thieves are not suspects.

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