Terence Crutcher Videos: Tulsa Police Call Crutcher ‘Bad Dude On Something’ As Betty Shelby Shot Him [Graphic]

Terence Crutcher Videos: Tulsa Police Call Crutcher 'Bad Dude On Something' As Betty Shelby Shot Him [Graphic]

Terence Crutcher can be seen in the below graphic videos, as Crutcher was shot and killed by Officer Betty Shelby.

As reported by KJRH, Betty’s husband, Dave Shelby, was the pilot in the helicopter shooting the aerial video footage of the shooting and killing of Terence. Although videos from KJRH claim Betty was trained in emergency medicine and that Shelby had a trauma bag in her possession, Crutcher did not receive medical assistance for at least two minutes or more as Terence bled out and died.

Betty’s husband can be heard in the video prior to the shooting of Crutcher, according to Heavy.

As the videos of Terrence bear witness, Crutcher was called a bad dude who could be on something, presumably with Betty’s husband calling Terence a drug user, even though Dave was watching Crutcher walk with his hands up – and had no confirmations of any crimes committed by Terence. The assumption from the helicopter was that Terence was not following the commands of the police officers as Crutcher walked away from the cops.


According to Tulsa World, Betty is on leave – with pay – after killing Terence. Shelby joined the Tulsa police force in 2011. The 42-year-old can be heard screaming in the video that shots had been fired after Betty shot and killed Crutcher.

The initial assumptions from the helicopter were that Crutcher was merely tasered – and not shot to death. Crutcher was a 40-year-old man who reportedly had a stalled SUV but ended up dead after being shot by Shelby.

Terence was first shot with a Taser gun by Officer Tyler Turnbough, prior to Crutcher being shot and killed by Betty.

Online outrage is growing in the wake of the videos of Crutcher getting shot and killed going viral. With the reports that Terence merely had a stalled vehicle and was unarmed when Crutcher was shot and killed surfacing, Crutcher’s name has become a top trending item on Twitter.

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After Betty shot and killed Crutcher, the helicopter occupants can be heard discussing what roads needed to be shut down. The transcripts of the viral videos show that there is concern for Betty’s welfare – with Emergency Medical Services Authority vehicles being requested to come to the scene, either to render aide to Shelby or Crutcher. But it would be too late for Terence.

As noted from the transcript, Betty is called “down” – but then Shelby is called a “big girl” by someone else in the helicopter.

“Hey, that’s Betty that’s down. We need to go back man, if we need to.”

“No, it’s OK. She’s a big girl, man. I’ve got my job to do, too.”

“After we land, I’ll go check on her.”

Police say they released the videos of Crutcher being shot and killed by Betty because they want to be totally transparent in the shocking death of Terence.

Already, online folks are hotly debating the Crutcher videos. Some who’ve watched the videos ask why Terence was walking away – while others ask why Crutcher was held at gunpoint for a stalled vehicle.


According to the transcript, Betty was initially dispatched to a domestic violence call. Then at 7:36 p.m. on Friday, September 16, authorities received a called about Crutcher’s vehicle in the middle of the road with the doors open.

Reportedly, Terence allegedly said his vehicle was going to explode.

“It’s going to blow.”

Shelby told her dispatcher a few minutes later that Crutcher was not being cooperative. More cops show up – and then the actions in the videos unfold.

Crutcher walked to his vehicle and when one of his arms allegedly dropped, that’s when Betty shot and killed Terence.

[Featured Image by Tulsa Police Department/AP Images]