‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Stevie J And Faith Evans Are Best Friends — Does This Mean Dating Rumors Are Not True?

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Stevie J And Faith Evans Are Best Friends -- Does This Mean Dating Rumors Are Not True?

Stevie J and Faith Evans have been stirring up some pretty fierce dating rumors lately, and now fans are wondering if they are true or if the whole thing is just a publicity stunt. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star started it all when he posted a picture of himself and Faith to Instagram. Now it looks like Stevie may be backtracking and trying to say that he and Faith are just “best friends.”

Stevie has posted several photos on social media that feature himself and Faith Evans. There is even an Instagram photo of just Faith on his account. That got rumors moving that the two were an item and many fans speculated that maybe she was the reason Stevie J had finally moved on from Joseline Hernandez for good.

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Now it looks like Stevie might be playing with his fans and getting a bit of publicity over his rumored relationship with his fellow Bad Boy artist. Recent pictures that Stevie posted featuring himself and Faith included one set of snaps where it looked like he was leaning in for a kiss.

Then another photo posted on Sunday night showed Stevie and Faith together again. This time, the caption referred to Faith Evans as his best friend. What makes it all interesting is that Stevie has since deleted the photos that stirred up the most controversy, including the one posted on Sunday. However, Faith Evans did not, and both pictures with their captions can still be seen on her Instagram.

Faith Evans and Stevie J have sparked dating rumors for several weeks now as the Bad Boy reunion tour continues. Although neither of them has confirmed or denied that they are in a romantic relationship, both continue to post pictures of each other on social media and that alone has everyone thinking that their bond might be much deeper than just friendship.

Speculation about Faith and Stevie’s rumored relationship is so intense that other reality stars have weighed in on whether or not the two are a couple. Former Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada even voiced her opinion on a recent episode of VH1 Live! when she said, “I think this is something that’s been going on since back in the day, They have history together from the whole Bad Boy era, I think maybe they’re just kind of rekindling a thing they had before. … I like it!”

Of course, there is also the possibility that Faith and Stevie are using these dating rumors to promote the Bad Boy reunion tour. There are still a few cities left on the schedule for Diddy and his artists to entertain, and as long as everyone thinks that Stevie J might be sleeping with Faith Evans, people are definitely talking about the tour. After all, that is where they have been spotted and are posting pictures from.

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Right now is definitely a bad time for Stevie J to jump into another relationship with his recent split from Joseline Hernandez. His fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star still maintains that he is the father of her child. If that turns out to be true, Stevie will have his hands full with plenty of drama.

On top of Joseline’s baby drama, the LHHATL star is still dealing with another baby mama and allegations that he owes more than $1 million in unpaid child support for two of his older kids. Due to that ongoing issue and an upcoming jury trial to decide whether he owes or not, Stevie is looking at another trip to rehab plus house arrest because he has continued to fail drug tests that were a part of his bail agreement.

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Do you think Faith Evans and Stevie J are dating? Or is it more likely that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is stirring up drama to keep people talking about the Bad Boy reunion tour? Tell us what you think of the relationship rumors in the comments section below.

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