Kate Middleton Pregnant? Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Unhappy With Duchess [Report]


Kate Middleton being pregnant with her third child has led to trouble within the Kensington Palace, according to a recent report done by Game N’ Guide. While the duke and duchess are looking forward to adding another addition to the royal family, Queen Elizabeth is anything but thrilled with the news.

Middleton has recently been taking off a lot of time from her royal duties, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. As a result, Prince William has been attending a lot of royal events on his own. After staying quiet for too long about the duchess’ inability to attend royal events, the queen has decided to take action.

Although Kate Middleton is pregnant, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t view this as an excuse for the duchess to be absent. Kensington Palace recently announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton would be getting back to work on their organization, Heads Together. The royals were ordered to visit Place2Be, which is an organization that provides mental health assistance to children and their families. Middleton and William used this visit as an opportunity to see the positive changes Place2Be has implemented in the lives of children.

Although Kate Middleton has been out of the spotlight lately, the duchess does take pride in her work in the mental health realm. Not only is Place2Be a charity Middleton holds close to her heart, but she has been very open about the benefits of therapy.

Kate Middleton being pregnant doesn’t mean that the duchess has neglected her two other children. If anything, Middleton has been a fierce advocate for the mental health of her kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Earlier this summer, when the duchess helped launch a mental health podcast series, Middleton explained why she “wouldn’t hesitate” to seek psychological help for her children.

“No parent would fail to call the doctor if their child developed a fever, yet some children are tackling tough times without the support that can help them because the adults in their life are scared to ask…Knowing this, both William and I feel very strongly that we wouldn’t hesitate to get expert support for George and Charlotte if they need it.”

Kate Middleton being pregnant has put the duchess at the forefront of public ridicule. In addition to spotting her baby bump, fans of the royal have also noticed the duchess’ significant weight gain from her third pregnancy. While some have chosen to be critical of Middleton’s figure, others have fully embraced her pregnancy.

Having Kate Middleton pregnant once again has reportedly been an issue for Queen Elizabeth. Game N’ Guide reported that Kensington insiders said that the queen feels Prince William and his wife are using their pregnancy as an excuse to escape their royal duties. Not only has the queen taken note of the duke and duchess’ incredibly laid-back lifestyle, but so have several cultural personalities.

Although the duke and duchess have been enjoying their relaxing life for quite some time, the queen is beginning to crack down on their lazy ways. Making Kate Middleton go back to work has been one of the many strategies the queen has used to hunker down on the duke and duchess.

Kate Middleton being pregnant hasn’t been an excuse for the queen to go easy on the duke and duchess. Queen Elizabeth has allegedly been working tirelessly to change the public’s perception of the royal couple, reported Game N’ Guide. Many fans of Prince William and Kate Middleton have noticed that the royal couple is a little more laid back when compared to previous Kensington couples. Queen Elizabeth still believes that shouldn’t be the case, by any means.

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