Bethenny Frankel’s Boyfriend Should Be Topic Of Discussion Rather Than Luann de Lesseps

Bethenny Frankel made it her mission to call out Luann de Lesseps on her lies on this past season of The Real Housewives of New York. The season has now come to an end, but fans are still talking about the final reunion show. The ladies filmed the drama over six months ago, so it makes sense that they are tired of talking about it. While Bethenny and Luann are not friends these days, Frankel is tired of talking about her co-star’s lying and her decision to stay with a cheating man. It’s clear that Bethenny doesn’t agree.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she’s tired of talking about her co-star’s bad decisions, and she wants to avoid getting tweets and messages from fans about it all. While Frankel doesn’t want a truce with de Lesseps, she does want to talk about other issues that do not include her co-star.

“May I please ask for a cease fire on Countess Luann & Tom? They’re engaged, getting married & we have beaten this one to death. #ShowOver,” Bethenny Frankel revealed on Twitter over the weekend, asking people to please stop talking and trashing Luann over her decision to stick with Thomas.

“It’s funny u call a truce after trashing her so much!” one person pointed out, to which Frankel pointed out, “No truce & she blatantly lied & manipulated. Let’s just find a new issue to discuss. Global warming?”

One of the things her fans could be talking is her new boyfriend, Dennis Shields. While Bethenny hasn’t exactly made it public yet, she has revealed that she’s dating someone special and the topic of marriage has surfaced. So, why should people be talking about him? Well, for one, he seems to be making her very happy. Second, he seems to be respecting her space, including her time with her daughter Bryn. And third, he’s adored by both her daughter and her dog, Cookie, which is very telling.


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Frankel has revealed that she’s unsure about continuing on the show. She said that this season was very draining, and she wasn’t exactly on the same page with some of her Real Housewives of New Yorkco-stars. Now that she’s found love with Shields, Bethenny may be thinking about leaving the show behind to focus on love and her career.

Frankel stands by her decision to tell Luann about Thomas D’Agostino’s cheating, even though her way of doing it became a huge topic of discussion. In her blog for the show, Bethenny opened up about her decision to come clean about what she knew, saying that it really came down to her knowing something that could have ruined their relationship.

“This is the age old question that everyone says yes to, yet so many don’t know if they mean it. The ones who bear the burden of deciding if you really mean it are the friends. This week I embark on the multi-episode journey of deciding if, how and when to tell Luann details that could affect her marriage but definitely will affect her relationship. There aren’t enough Skinnygirl Margaritas in the world to make this easier,” Bethenny Frankel asked her in Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York.

While Bravo may choose to go forward with a brand new season of the show, it sounds like Bethenny will consider her role on the show. Some people absolutely adore her on the show, while others believe she’s causing way too much trouble.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s call for a truce? Do you think her fans will stop talking about Luann now?

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