Man Eats 3 Carolina Reapers And Downs A Fifth Of Fireball, The Results Are Just As Horrible As You Might Think

A man recorded himself eating 3 Carolina Reapers and chasing them with a fifth of Fireball whiskey. He regretted the decision shortly after.

Youtuber Catfish Cooley is known for performing challenges that others will not readily attempt, often regretting his decisions. However, the Carolina Reaper and Fireball whiskey challenge may have crossed a line.

The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world, according to WUNC. Ed Currie, the inventor of the pepper, claims the best thing about the Carolina Reaper is the heat itself.

"When you bite into it, the initial taste is sweet. You go, wow, that wasn't so bad. And then immediately, that vast amount of capsaicin takes over, and it's kind of like eating molten lava. That's the best way to put it,"
Unfortunately, the pain at the end instantly summons regret within those that attempt to eat the pepper.

Many have taken the Carolina Reaper challenge, most have failed as they regurgitate the fiery treat, reliving the pain that got them there in the first place. The video below shows the results of one man's attempt to conquer the Carolina Reaper, proving it is okay for a grown man to cry.

Others have attempted the Fireball whiskey challenge, realizing that it was a bad idea shortly after they started. The subtle heat of Fireball whiskey may seem innocent enough when taking a shot or mixing it with your favorite liquor. However, chugging an entire bottle proves that the heat is not so innocent after all.
Few have attempted to combine Carolina Reapers and Fireball Whiskey into one challenge. However, Catfish Cooley decided that he was tough enough to attempt the feat. As with most, the Carolina Reapers seemed innocent enough at first. As did the Fireball Whiskey. However, soon after, the fiery lava sensation proved to be too much. As one would expect from such a painful experience, there is foul language in the video. However, Catfish Cooley pushes forward and nearly completes the challenge before throwing it all up.
Growing Carolina Reapers in the home garden has increased in recent years as hot pepper aficionados strive to show off their pepper eating skills.Many hot pepper growers tend to show off their harvest. However, most tend to limit the heat by using them to cook, careful to add just enough to add heat to the dish without sending themselves to the hospital.Although eating Carolina Reapers seems to be a harmless challenge, a middle school in New Castle, Indiana found out the hard way that there is real danger involved. During lunch hour at New Castle Middle School, according to Newser, a student brought a few of the peppers to school. One of the brave students that chose to eat a Carolina Reaper touched his eyes shortly after and began to flail his arms as he screamed in agony. Other students started to complain as the heat burned within their mouths. The student that touched his eyes complained he was temporarily blinded by the experience, and the other students felt ill afterward. Each child was provided milk to calm the burn and then released to their parents after paramedics had stated they were not in permanent danger.Combating the heat of a hot pepper like the Carolina Reaper has been the subject of debate throughout history. Some claim that cold milk is the solution, others claim a nice beer will cool things down. Others have tried bread or other foods to absorb the oils from the peppers. Nearly everyone agrees that water or liquor are not the remedies.
Would you attempt the Carolina Reaper and Fireball whiskey challenge? If so, what is your favorite remedy to battle the heat?

[Featured Image by Kent Rasmussen/Shutterstock]