UFO Hunters: Proof Of Ancient Mars Civilization Link To Japanese Culture Discovered On Google Maps [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

UFO and alien hunters claim to have discovered identical ancient structures on the planet Mars and Japan (Earth) that prove a historical link between Japanese and Martian civilizations. The discovery, according to alien hunters, proves that Mars aliens may have migrated to Earth and contributed to the development of Japanese civilization.

According to alien hunters, identical structures found on Mars and in Japan prove that ancient human civilizations, such as ancient Egypt and Mayan civilization, China and Japan, were in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and that cultural links between Earth and Mars go back to ancient times.

The alleged evidence of historical and cultural links between ancient Mars civilization and Japanese civilization was discovered on Google Earth and Google Mars at coordinates 36° 7'45.64"N 139°28'52.95"E and 6° 3'57.07"N 92° 4'13.22"E, respectively.

The structure, according to UFO hunters, is identical with the Japanese megalithic tombs or tumuli called Kofun that gave their name to the Kofun era (250-538 A.D.) of Japanese history that followed the Yayoi period.

The Kofun tombs are earthen burial mounds built for members of the Japanese ruling class of the era. The tombs contain massive stone burial chambers for kings and nobles. Some of the burial chambers have moats surrounding them.

Predictably, NASA scientists have tried to explain away the Martian structure as being the result of natural Martian geological processes spanning millions of years. NASA experts speculated that the straight edges may have been formed from fractures in an area of the Martian surface elevated by faulting. The keyhole shape, NASA scientists speculated, was due to erosion of the surrounding terrain over millions of years.

However, ET hunters accuse NASA of once gain attempting to cover up evidence of ancient artificial structures that prove the theory that Mars was once home to thriving advanced humanoid civilizations. ET hunters argue that the existence of identical, distinctive and evidently artificial keyhole-shaped structures in Japan raises doubts about the claim that the mysterious structure on Mars was formed accidentally through natural geological process.

According to ET hunters, the observation that the Mars structure is identical with Japanese Kofun burial mounds suggests that the Mars structure is intelligently designed. The observation that the features of the Martian structure are not as pronounced and sharply defined as Earth's could be explained by the fact that the Martian structure has undergone more extensive erosion being millions of years older than the identical structures on Earth.

"We have seen quite a few unique shapes on Mars that can be traced back to similar structures on Earth."

According to alien hunters, the geometric structure revealed on Google Mars is too similar to ancient Japanese structures to be dismissed honestly as an accidental formation of natural processes. The fact that the ancient Japanese structures are ancient tombs suggests that the equivalent Mars structure is also an ancient Martian tomb in which a Martian noble or king was buried.

The surviving structures are still revered by the Japanese people and mysterious supernatural powers are ascribed to them.

UFO hunters claim that the Martian structure could be proof that the Japanese Kofun culture originated from Mars and that Martian aliens in UFOs visited Japan and contributed to the Kofun era of Japanese history.

"NASA has identified a structure [on Mars] that has similarities to the construction found in Japan."

"Is there a small possibility that the structure found in Japan has a mysterious connection [to Mars]...?"

The revolutionary discovery -- as ET hunters believe -- of evidence of a cultural link between Japan and Mars was first announced by YouTube UFO hunters ET Updates in English in a video (see above) uploaded to YouTube on July 29, 2013. The popular UFO blogger, Scott C. Waring revisited the amazing discovery in a September 15, 2016 post to his weird UFO Sightings Daily blog.

Images of the astounding discovery on Mars have gone viral once again in the UFO and alien conspiracy theory blogosphere after being featured on several popular UFO YouTube channels, such as Secureteam10 and Mister Enigma.

According to Waring, the discovery of strikingly similar structures on Mars and Japan suggests that the Japanese are descendants of aliens that migrated to Earth from Mars.

"These structures were discovered about two years ago, but recently I was wondering if this is proof that aliens came from Mars after the destruction of their planet," Waring writes. "The Japanese do a lot of things different than other cultures... It may be possible they are direct descendants of the ancients from Mars."

Secureteam10's Tyler Glockner also commented on the amazing discovery.

"It is a very anomalous and very mysterious case," he said. "It pertains to ancient structures that have been found on Earth as well as on other planets in our Solar System... matching structures that indicate that our planet is not the only one with civilization."

[Featured Image by ESO/M. Kornmesser/Shutterstock]