Presidential Debate Inspires Drinking Games

Tonight’s debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama could help several people decide who they are going to vote for in the upcoming election. The presidential debate may also help some people get absolutely wasted.

Several websites have released presidential debate drinking games to help people have some fun while watching tonight’s debate. Buzzfeed, The Bro Bible,College Humor, Neatorama, and several other sites have taken it upon themselves to make politics accessible to your average drunk. All of the games are unique, but they also share a few common rules.

For instance:

  • Words like “jobs,” unemployment,” and “with all due respect” are common moments to have a drink.
  • Talking points like “47%,” “fast and furious,” and “Obamacare” are also good times to drink.
  • People should take shots or finish their beers if Obama starts singing.

And the candidates aren’t the only people that can cause the nation to collectively take a drink. Some people are including moderators and reporters in their presidential debate drinking games.

For instance:

  • A person should take a shot whenever Wolf Bliter talks to a hologram.
  • A person should take a shot if Fox News compliments any part of Obama’s speech.

And, if you really want to have a crazy night, you can also play on Twitter.

How about taking a shot every time someone on your feed complains about all the debate tweets? Or when one of the candidates is compared to a TV character?

Are you going to play a presidential drinking game tonight? You can check out complete games from The Bro Bible, Buzzfeed, The Baltimore Sun, Philly Magazine, Debate Drinking, or College Humor here.

Or follow the Inquisitr’s drinking game below.

Take one sip of beer when:

  • Someone mentions “Obamacare” or “Romneycare,”
  • If Obama says “47%,”
  • If Romney says “Fast and Furious.”
  • Anytime Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton get mentioned.
  • Anytime Michelle Obama or Ann Romney get mentioned.

Take two sips when:

  • Romney says “47%.”
  • Obama says “Obamacare.”
  • Obama talks about Ann Romney.
  • Romney talks about Michelle Obama.
  • If the candidates talk about dogs.

Chug your beer when:

  • A candidate goes over their allotted time. Drink until they finish speaking.
  • If Obama starts singing.

Finish your beer when:

  • Romney starts singing.

(Disclaimer: Alcohol will get you drunk. Drink responsibly.)

Are you going to play a presidential drinking game tonight? What rules are you going to use?