‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Predicts AFP Winner, Says Nicole’s Relationship With Corey Is Doomed, And Names Her 5 Favorite ‘BB’ Players Of All Time

There are many versions of the hit reality television show Big Brother airing in half a dozen countries, but only one has the Chenbot. Julie Chen is referred to as “Chenbot” and has been the host of the series since it began during the summer of 2000.

Julie is the host of both Big Brother and The Talk. She is also the loving wife of CBS CEO and president, Leslie Moonves, and the mother to an adorable (almost) 7-year-old son.

Chen is not only the face of Big Brother and The Talk, but a genuine die-hard fan of the series. She has her favorites like any fan, and she dished it all to The Hollywood Reporter.

Julie revealed that every season they have twists, but this season, has been “the most twisted season yet.” She was rooting for Victor Arroyo to win, because after he won his place back into the game, twice, he really earned his keep. In Julie’s opinion, Victor will win the AFP (America’s Favorite Player) on Wednesday.

“He’s won the respect of a lot of people because you really got to know him when he went back in the house. When he left, he was this young hotdog and you didn’t really get to know what a sweet guy he is and good competitor he is.”

Chen explains that she has felt disappointed by James Huling’s terrible gameplay this season. She added that he isn’t in the Big Brother house to win or to earn the AFP. She felt that James was being himself and was just having a “little vacation.” She wanted him to get in the game, win some competitions, and play a fierce game. Instead, Julie said James never tried to win Season 18.

“I definitely don’t think he was playing to win Big Brother! He really disappointed me in his gameplay. He gave away an HOH; he won [only] one. He wasn’t as fierce of a competitor. He was just there for s**ts and giggles, to be honest. Was he playing for America’s Favorite Houseguest? No, because that would imply him being a little bit duplicitous or phony. He genuinely likes doing those pranks. He’s an all-around nice guy. He was just being him.”

As for the final three, Julie thinks it is the perfect trio. She went on to state that she went home and tried to analyze who has the best chance to win the season. No matter who makes it to the end, she came up with a possible 5-4 win. Chen expects an action-packed finale episode.

“I sat down to see any combination that is possible for final two and who would win and by how many votes. And I had 5-4 in every combo. And that’s what you want in a final three! I don’t know if James deserves to be there, but Nicole and Paul certainly do. So I would say for the most part when we got down to final five, even six, you didn’t have any floaters. If anything, James put the least amount of effort into this game and got so far.”

Julie admitted that she voted for Victor to win the AFP and is secretly rooting for Paul Abrahamian to win the season. She liked Nicole Franzel during Big Brother 16, but felt, this time, she only cared about protecting her alliance with Corey Brooks. Chen would have liked seeing her connect with other houseguests.

“Nicole disappointed me this year. I guess she’s playing the game, but I didn’t like how she wasn’t loyal to anyone but Corey. I didn’t like her being a snake, as Michelle would say. My calculations show that no matter who Paul is sitting against, he wins. He has at least one more vote than the other person. “

Julie doesn’t think anything will come of Nicole’s relationship with Corey outside the Big Brother house. She said he doesn’t seem emotionally invested in her companionship and sees her as “a friend with benefits.”


Chen added that she pitched an idea to CBS to have a live feed option for the jury house. She said the network said no, but they reserved the right to use it later. She hinted that it may be something that the Big Brother fans could see for the CBS Access Big Brother Fall edition.

“I pitched a few years back that we have a show going on, maybe just an online version, with cameras in the jury house. I forgot the reason we were told no — or I was told no rather. But it never happened. Maybe one day. You never know with Big Brother: Over the Top happening.”

Julie ended the interview by revealing that she’d like to see an all-star version of Big Brother with the die-hard and fan-favorites of the series. Her five favorite houseguests are Janelle Pierzina, Dick Donato, Will Kirby, Mike Boogie, and Rachel Reilly. She said there is no question about it, these houseguests would play to win. If, for no other reason, they are competitors at heart and just “like to win.”

“If I could have my five come back, it would be Janelle [Pierzina], Evel Dick [Donato], Will and Mike Boogie, and Rachel Reilly, no question! Are you joking? That would be the ultimate all-stars season. “

Big Brother 18 fans, who are you voting for to win the AFP and the $25,000? Who do you think will win Season 18?

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