‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Final 4 HOH Competition Winner Leaked During Live Feed Blackout, Nomination Anticipation, And ‘BB18’ Player Considering A Big Move?

The Big Brother 18 blackout remains in effect on Tuesday morning. The BB18 house evicted another houseguest and completed the final four HOH (Head of Household) competition. Big Brother Network reports that Paul Abrahamian won the HOH comp and will be faced with the difficult task of nominating two houseguests for Wednesday’s special eviction episode.

Last night, Big Brother pre-recorded the Tuesday eviction which predicted that Victor Arroyo was the one sent to the jury house. Of course, we won’t be able to verify that until tonight’s show, but it seems pretty unlikely that Paul was the one that was sent out the door. Sometime after the eviction, the Big Brother houseguests competed in the final four HOH competition.

Corey Brooks was not able to compete in the HOH competition, as the outgoing winner. He had to sit it out and depend on Nicole Franzel to win it to keep them both safe. Nicole has wavered in her trust in James Huling and was obviously concerned that he could flip sides if given the chance. Nicole was well aware that Paul has asked James to team up with him to take aim at them but hoped that James would resist the urge or “NiCorey’s” Big Brother game could be over.

MissCleoBB on Twitter reports that Paul won the HOH competition, and he will be forced to make a difficult decision about who to nominate out of the three houseguests left to put on the block. He has to choose from James, Corey, and Nicole. Big Brother 18 spoilers revealed that Paul told James on Sunday that if he won the HOH competition that he would put Corey and Nicole on the block. He explained that his Big Brother target would be Corey, which in Paul’s opinion, would give everyone a better chance at winning the final three HOH comp.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Paul will likely put Nicole and Corey on the block, and hope that James would flip sides in BB18 house to vote Corey out. Of course, evicting Corey out of the house now depends on James or Paul winning the POV (Power of Veto) competition. The real power this week is the POV competition because the winner will choose who stays and who will be evicted. James would choose to keep the nominations the same. Nicole would save herself which would automatically put James on the block. Corey would save himself, which also would automatically nominate James.

Big Brother 18 spoilers have stated that James has been considering flipping sides and teaming up with Paul. Unless they can separate Corey and Nicole, they have a slim chance of making it to the final two. James explained that he is happy with his placement in the game, and feels confident that he has the “America’s Favorite Player (AFP) in the bag.” Up until this point, James only worried about winning AFP. Is it possible that Paul convinced him to put everything he has into the game to win Big Brother 18?

Big Brother 18 live feeds indicated that Paul has been talking to James for a few days and has nearly convinced him that he can win this season, if only he can hand in there for another eight days. James seemed pumped up and ready to play to win the next few challenges. He was still worried about going against Nicole, and unsure if that was the right game move. Big Brother 18 spoilers indicated that Paul told him that Nicole would understand–it’s a game move, and not personal.

As of right now, Paul’s big HOH win is only a rumor until we can verify it when the live feeds return after the pre-recorded eviction episode airs. Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that today the POV competition should be held, so when the live feeds return, we should know who won and what the game plan is moving into Wednesday’s eviction episode.

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think that Paul won the HOH competition yesterday? Who do you think he will target? Will James flip sides and join Paul to target Corey?

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