‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: POV Meeting Results, Paul Tries To Bring James On His Side, And NiCorey Confident They Have The ‘BB18’ Game Won

Big Brother 18 may be ready to come to a close in another week, but the season is far from over. The players have been stuck in the house for 91 days and only have nine more days before the season ends. Week 12 will be particularly difficult because they will evict two players and will begin to play the final three HOH (Head of Household) competition.

Last night, the POV (Power of Veto) meeting was held, and Nicole Franzel chose not remove either nominee off the chopping block. Paul Abrahamian tries to bring James Huling on his side to work with him. He hopes James will consider working with him for at least one eviction to break up Nicole and Corey Brooks. Meanwhile, Corey and Nicole are confident that they have won the game and are guaranteed a spot in the final two.

To recap, Corey won the HOH competition and decided to nominate Paul and Victor for eviction. Against all odds, Nicole won the POV competition and decide not to take either nominee off the block. Victor or Paul will be leaving the house on Tuesday’s pre-recorded episode.

Online Big Brother reports that Paul tried to bring James in his inner circle and use him to drive a wedge between “NiCorey.” Paul is well aware that his best chance at survival in the Big Brother game is to target Nicole and Corey. He tries to convince James that it is time for the couples to be separated but faces some hesitation from the “Asian Cowboy.”

Big Brother live feed updates reveal Paul tells James he has accepted that Victor will be leaving the house next but refuses to be picked off next. He urges James to convince Nicole to work with him so the three of them can go to the final three. James wasn’t sure if Nicole would ever consider sending Corey out the door but told Paul he would consider it.

The truth is, James should listen to Paul. Unless he breaks up Corey and Nicole, he has virtually no chance of winning the $500,000. The problem is that James is happy with his placement so far in the game. He doesn’t want to play dirty to win Big Brother. He’d rather go out now as a nice guy than to have to fight tooth and nail to win. For Paul, losing right now is not an option. He has to fight until Julie Chen tells him his Big Brother game is over.

Big Brother Network reports that Paul apologized to Victor for not pulling off an HOH win on Friday. He explained that this week would be much different had he won and not Corey. Victor told him not to feel bad — they had a great run in the Big Brother game.

Big Brother live feed updates indicate that Paul feels good about his chances of winning the $500,000. He explains that Corey cannot compete in the next HOH competition, so if he can beat Nicole and James, he will get control of the nominations. Of course, he claims his plan is to put Nicole and Corey on the block. He implies that his target would be Corey, but that could change in the next few days.

Although it seems as if Big Brother is almost over, there is still so much action that could happen. We have several more competitions to go before we learn who made it to the coveted final two. It is anyone’s game, and at this point, everyone left in the Big Brother house deserves to win the season.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think will be evicted on Tuesday’s show: Paul or Victor? Will James turn on “NiCorey” and partner up with Paul if Victor is evicted?

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