Blac Chyna Demands Immature Rob Kardashian To Toughen Up Ahead Of Baby’s Birth

Blac Chyna is getting tired of Rob Kardashian’s soft antics — so much that she’s pushing the reality star to toughen up ahead of the forthcoming baby birth.

As seen on the duo’s reality show, Rob & Chyna, last Sunday evening on the E! network, Blac and her friends were heavily discussing Kardashian’s behavior and his constant need in having to rely on his mother Kris Jenner, 60, to do everything for him.

After learning that Blac Chyna and Rob found out they were having a baby girl, the sock designer promised to keep the news a secret but ended up telling Kris about it in a brief conversation on the phone just hours later, Daily Mail reveals.

Blac is under the impression that Rob really needs a wake-up call. The former stripper wants to teach the troubled Kardashian star how to be a man, Hollywood Life alleges, having secluded himself from his family for almost three years.

But that isn’t the bad part. Blac Chyna thinks that being around women his entire life has somewhat affected Rob’s masculinity — to the point where he doesn’t know how to function without relying on his sisters to help him out in any given situation.

It was just two months ago when it was revealed how Kris Jenner made the purchase of Rob’s $2.3 million home in Calabasas. This wouldn’t be the first time Rob has relied on his family to help him out with financial situations either.

All of these bad traits is what Blac Chyna is worried about. The birth of their baby girl is just weeks away, and the last thing she wants to worry about is having to take care of three kids: King Cairo, the new baby girl, and Rob Kardashian.

A source reveals, “Chyna loves her some Rob, there’s no doubt about that. But, she goes in on him because she wants to toughen him up.” Regarding the TV star’s sweet side, the insider added, “He’s simply too soft. She wants him to be a f**king man and not this big teddy bear who runs to his mother every chance he gets.”

“It’s all psychological for Chyna. If Rob were to stand up to her, lay down the law and put her in her place, it would be such a turn on for her. She wants him to be the muscle in their relationship, the man, the daddy, and she’s hoping that her tangents will force him to man up and be that masculine rock that she needs mentally, emotionally and sexually.”


Blac Chyna is convinced that as long as Rob stays with her, he’s going to end up pulling his own weight in the relationship, because, if anything, Chyna is the last person who is going to treat Rob like a child the way she claims his family has done for the past couple of years.

The soon-to-be mother of two even stressed in the episode on her reality show that her fiance will be turning 30 very soon and can’t keep pulling shying away from his problems. If a conflicted situation arises, he needs to learn how to deal with it, and not expect his family members to handle it for him.

With that said, Blac also doesn’t want Rob to let himself be walked all over. There’s so much she wants to teach him, but with the birth of their child just weeks away, Blac Chyna worries that Rob may not be ready to commit himself to the responsibilities that come with being a parent.

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