UFO Enthusiast Claims Discovery Of Ancient Alien Writing On ‘Abandoned Spacecraft’ On Mars

A UFO enthusiast has claimed to have discovered what appears to be an “abandoned spaceship” on Mars. And that’s not all. The supposed craft, captured in a NASA Mars photo, has strange markings in the manner of hieroglyphs on its surface that the enthusiast believes could very well be a form of alien writing.

The Daily Star reported this week that YouTube user UFOmania has claimed the discovery of a “spacecraft” or “part of a machine” on the surface of Mars in a NASA Curiosity photo. According to the avid UFO hunter, the alien vessel “smashed” into the Red Planet’s surface or had been “abandoned.”

In the photo itself (via the UFOmania video), an oddly shaped object can be seen that seems to sport patterns of some sort. The video’s narrator suggests that there are numerous “artificial objects” on Mars and NASA has chosen to “keep them hidden” from the public.

“It appears to be a metallic-looking part of a spacecraft that smashed on the surface of the planet or at least it is an abandoned or nonfunctional vehicle or part of a machine which has been used on Mars,” said UFOmania, describing the object.

Scott C. Waring, a fellow UFO enthusiast and operator of the blog UFO Sightings Daily, shared UFOmania’s find, labeling it a “great discovery” that was “proof of an ancient culture that could write.”

“It shows a deliberately carved formation that has squares and frames around them. The carvings look like words written in order, from a language we won’t know [have the ability to decipher] for thousands of years,” according to Waring.

Still, not all are convinced that the Mars photo object is an old derelict spacecraft or a piece of ancient machinery. One commenter insisted all that was discovered was a rock.

Mars photos are a treasure trove of amazing landscapes and rock formations where not a week goes by that a UFO enthusiast doesn’t discover an oddity that resembles something familiar. For many, the psychological ability to discern patterns where none are present, called pareidolia, provides a likely explanation for the sightings. (For example, seeing animals in the shapes of cloud formations.) For others, the sightings can be attributed to wishful thinking on the part of the UFO enthusiasts that continue to make discoveries.

Among the many things “discovered” on Mars are tools, statues, faces, and animals, to name but a few of the sightings over the years. The most common explanation for the sightings? Rocks and light-play thereon.


The discoveries, be they examples of pareidolia or perhaps true finds awaiting scientific corroboration, are not limited to the Red Planet. Familiar objects have been found in strange settings throughout the Solar System, from a smiley face crater on Mars to a three-mile-high pyramid serving as “proof” of an ancient alien civilization on the dwarf planet Ceres. The most recent was the gigantic three-mile-high alien antenna found on the moon, a sighting also reported on by Inquisitr.

Finnish UFO hunter Mark Sawalha made his discovery of the “antenna” looking for evidence to support his theory that aliens were living on the moon. He said he believes the aliens are mining the moon for its resources, that the giant antenna was part of an underground mining complex, and he believes NASA knows all about it. He says it might be the reason there have been no more manned space missions to the moon since the early 1970s.

Still, as for the Martian “artificial object” found by UFOmania is concerned, there is the saving grace that the object in question is oddly shaped. But oddly shaped does not make it a spacecraft, abandoned or otherwise.

[Featured Image by Kirschner/Shutterstock]