24 Hours Of Pull Ups: Navy SEAL Attempted World Record For Charity

The 24 hours of pull ups event recently attempted by a Navy SEAL was done in the name of charity, according to The Huffington Post. Unfortunately for David Goggins, he ultimately fell short of his goal after suffering an injury to his arm. Since Goggins isn’t one to sit on his backside and whine about an injury, chances are we haven’t seen the last attempt at the current world record.

The TODAY Show reports that, back in September, the former Navy SEAL and marathon runner took to the popular morning talk show in an effort to shatter the world record for the most pull ups completed in a 24-hour period. Unfortunately for Goggins, he had delivered 2,588 repetitions of the exercise when he injured his forearm, causing him to fall short of the goal. The current world stands at 4,020.

Twenty-four hours of pull ups may sound excessive to some, but, for Navy SEAL David Goggins, the activity is a means to an end. In an effort to raise money and awareness for families of soldiers who were killed serving their country, the marathon runner decided to put his well-toned physique to the ultimate test. During the event, Goggins reportedly stuck to a liquid diet, said goodbye to countless hours of well-earned sleep, and required only a few breaks in-between sets.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time an injury or an illness has attempted to prevent David Goggins from doing charity work. In 2008, the guy finished a 150-mile marathon while suffering from pneumonia. Although he may not have come out on top during his 24 hours of pull ups, Goggins apparently isn’t one to allow pain and misery to get in the way of his goals.


Presently, it’s unknown if David Goggins will attempt the feat again once his forearm has properly healed. Would you attempt 24 hours of pull ups in the name of charity?