‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ After-Credits Scene: Who Is The Father Of Bridget’s Baby? Hidden Scene At The Very End May Give The Real Answer

Those going to see Bridget Jones’s Baby this weekend will want to stick around for the after-credits scene, which gives a final answer to the mystery of who is the father of Bridget’s baby.

The latest installment in the series about Renée Zellweger’s iconic character centers around the mystery of who fathered the British romantic’s baby. And it turns out that the final answer might not come until after all the credits roll.

First, for those who may be not familiar with the concept of the after-credits scene, it’s used as a reward for the audience members who stay in their seats through the five to seven minutes of credits. It’s a plot device used most frequently in the action and comedy genres and has become almost a standard in superhero movies (to the point that Marvel follows a formula of including two distinct scenes, one during the credits and another after they have finished).

But among romantic comedies, the after-credits scene is used a bit more rarely. So it may come as a surprise to some people to learn that Bridget Jones’s Baby not only has an after-credits scene, but a fairly significant one at that.

[WARNING: There are some very major spoilers about Bridget Jones’s Baby ahead, so if you haven’t actually seen the movie or don’t want to find out the answer to the major mystery, you can skip ahead to the bolded text below and continue reading where the spoilers end.]

The movie teases viewers for close to two hours about which handsome man is the father of Bridget’s baby, the fan-favorite, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), or one-night stand Jack (played by the McDreamy Patrick Dempsey).


There isn’t really any answer to the question until the very end when Bridget goes into labor and viewers find out which man she is meant to end up with. As Popsugar noted, the answer of who fathered her baby appears to come just moments afterward.

“While Mark and Jack stand by her hospital bed, there is a sweet moment when Bridget holds out her hands for support. Instead of grasping both men, however, she in turn entwines both her hands with Mark’s. It is then that Jack seems to bow out gracefully and allows the two to be alone. As Mark offers her words of encouragement in between contractions, Bridget simply asks him what he plans to do if he’s not the father. His adorable reply? He will love it just like it is, the same way he loves her just like she is, basically quoting his romantic line from the very first film.”

It is supposed to be a bit clearer after the baby is born that Mark is the father, the report noted. The camera zooms in to show the baby’s dark eyes, which match Mark’s. A paternity test is supposed to follow, but naturally, the filmmakers save the answer until the very end.The after-credits scene in Bridget Jones’s Baby, which comes after viewers see her getting married to Mark, followed by a bit of a fake-out when Jack is playing with the baby, gives some final confirmation about the father of the baby.

As AfterCredits noted, there is a scene after all the credits have ended which confirms to viewers what had been hinted before; Mark is indeed the father of Bridget’s baby. The report noted that the movie ends with a photograph of Bridget, Mark, and the baby all wearing Christmas sweaters, and the baby very much looking like the biological dad.

It’s not a long scene, but a very significant one.

[The Bridget Jones’s Baby spoilers end here, so feel free to pick up if you don’t want to know the father of Bridget’s baby.]

There could be a pretty big audience waiting to find out the father of Bridget Jones’s baby as box office predictions peg it making between $15 million and $25 million in the opening weekend, which is not too bad for the second weekend after the summer season ended.

And as the after-credits scene in Bridget Jones’s Baby shows, there could still be room for more sequels that follow Bridget and her growing family.

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