Drug Kingpin T-Shirts: Pablo Escobar Apparel A Hit In Mexico

Drug kingpin T-shirts featuring Colombian cocaine mastermind Pablo Escobar are a pretty big hit in Mexico, according to Reuters. Although Escobar died nearly two decades ago, his legend lives on, particularly in Mexican states currently engulfed in the country’s bloody drug wars. For those who fondly remember Escobar or just want to honor his legacy, the shirts are currently available for purchase.

These drug kingpin T-shirts were designed by Pablo Escobar’s son, who used his father’s student ID, driver’s license, and other photos for the apparel. However, interested parties should probably bring quite a bit of cash with them for the transaction as these shirts are going to set you back between $60 and $95 a piece. While that may be a hefty price tag for an impoverished country, it hasn’t stopped the T-shirts from becoming a huge hit for Escobar’s son.

According to Colombia Reports, the aforementioned drug kingpin T-shirts will not be sold in Colombia out of respect for those who lost their lives during Pablo Escobar’s rein of violence in the country.

Sebastian Marroquin, fashion designer and son of the drug kingpin, says that the shirts aren’t necessarily meant to glorify his father’s penchant for violence. Instead of encouraging the younger generation to get involved with the drug trade, Marroquin hopes the shirts will prevent history from repeating itself.

“It’s a self-criticism to the history of my father, and an invitation for the youth to be conscious of the dangers of entering the world of drugs and trafficking. It is the first product that has used the image of Pablo Escobar as a vehicle of communication that looks to avoid his history being repeated and to create a social conscience,” the T-shirt’s designer explained. “I’m absolutely aware of the irreparable damage that my father caused in society between the violence that he exerted and the trafficking of drugs.”


Produced by Escobar Henao, the drug kingpin T-shirts featuring images of Pablo Escobar are currently on sale in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain, and Austria as well as across the internet. Do you think these T-shirts are in poor taste?