Austin Mahone’s ‘Send It’ Sends A ‘Creepy’ Message To Young Fans

Earlier this week, Austin Mahone premiered the lyric video to his new song “Send It.” Both the video and the song received a lot of controversy, especially with his younger fans.

Basically, Austin Mahone’s new song is about sending nude photos to a guy. Some would even dub the song “creepy” considering Mahone is 20 years old and has a young fan base still.

The song features the lyrics, “Send it to my phone, send it to my phone / You already know I keep it on the low / Baby, you can trust me, promise I’m alone / I won’t tell a soul, send it to my phone.”

The song even includes pressuring lyrics such as “You know what I like, I’ve been waitin’ on / What’s takin’ so long? Send it to my phone,” as cited by the Daily Star.

Some of Austin Mahone’s fans took to social media to share their disgust over the song. They argued that he shouldn’t be singing such sexually explicit songs when he still has younger fans.

“Is Austin Mahone asking a girl to send him nudes? Bruh, you better than that [SIC],” one user wrote.

“Just heard Austin Mahone’s song Send It and I’m disgusted. Really? A song about encouraging girls to send you nudes is what we’ve come to?” another asked.

But, other fans have supported their pop idol. They argue that other artists talk about sex and nude photos in their songs all the time and that Mahone is no exception since he is a grown man.

Post a pic of u listening to #SendItWayUp for a DM! LINK IN BIO ????

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“The fact that Austin Mahone made a song about sending nudes just made me respect him more because he’s saying what everyone thinks!” wrote one user.

“@AustinMahone omg this song is my new fave!!! well done Austin xx,” one wrote directly to the pop star.

While Mahone doesn’t actually sing the word “nudes” or explicitly asks for “nude photos,” the lyrics are still questionable in nature, according to Seventeen. The lyric video also features Mahone texting his bikini-clad friend who appears to be the one sending him the sexy photos of herself. What both the song and the video fail to show is actual consent from Mahone’s love interest, which poses a problem among his faithful Mahomies. He even looks creepy with the red light flashing on him as he gives the camera a smirk.

Check out Austin Mahone’s lyric video to “Send It” below.

Back in 2014, Mahone released the song “Mmm Yeah” featuring rapper Pitbull. The song caused its share of controversy when fans figured out it was about a then 17-year-old Mahone catcalling random women on the street, reports Idolator. It included the controversial lyrics, “I asked her name / But she turned away / As she walked away / All that I could say was / Mmm mmm yeah.”


FEM magazine reported why Mahone’s single was not a good choice while calling out MTV’s positive review about it.

“MTV even wrote an article entitled Austin Mahone Catcalls His Crush In ‘MMM Yeah,’ where I had some hope for some mainstream criticism. However, MTV praises Mahone for his new ‘hit,’ stating ‘Austin Mahone is back and ready to make you dance again’ and describing the song’s content as ‘…all about crushing on a girl from afar,’ justifying Mahone’s lyrics. MTV acknowledges that Mahone is catcalling but plays it as cute and catchy.”

In other news, Mahone made headlines when he started dating fitness trainer Katya Elise Henry. According to E! Online, the two met on Instagram and have been in a serious relationship ever since. However, after only seven months of dating, it appears that things have cooled off between Mahone and Henry, as previously reported by Chattsportsnet. Mahone and Henry have put their relationship on hold to focus on their respective careers. The two haven’t even been spotted on each other’s social media accounts for well over a month.

She gets all dressed up for the studio, but I love it ❤️

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What are your thoughts on Austin Mahone’s new song? Do you think it’s creepy in nature? Sound off below in the comments section.

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