Trump’s 441 Testosterone Level Gets Applause From Dr. Oz Audience As Trump Talks Weight Loss Desires [Videos]

Donald Trump talked about his stamina, as seen in the video clips of Dr. Oz’s interview with the Republican presidential candidate. Donald told Dr. Oz that he has the stamina to do the job of president. Apparently, Trump saw fit to reveal his testosterone levels to Dr. Oz as well. As a result, folks on Twitter have lots to say about Trump’s reported testosterone level, and some are wondering why Trump would reveal his testosterone to Dr. Oz.

According to Matt Viser, Dr. Oz noted that Trump’s testosterone level was 441. That testosterone level that Trump allegedly enjoys got the a-okay from Dr. Oz and a smile from Trump.

“Dr. Oz to Trump: ‘Your testosterone is 441, which is actually good.’ Laughter & applause. Trump reaction: Sheepish grin.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Oz had a few things to say to Trump about his weight. As noted in the above video, titled “Donald Trump Talks Weight Loss With Dr. Oz,” Trump admitted to Dr. Oz that he wants to lose about 15 or 20 pounds. Trump made the admission about his desire to lose weight after Dr. Oz noted that Trump’s BMI seemed a bit high.

As one Dr. Oz video snippet opens, Dr. Oz notes that Trump, who is 6-feet 3-inches tall at 236 pounds, seems a bit overweight. Dr. Oz said Trump’s body surface area is high, likely close to a BMI of 30. According to Dollar Times, Dr. Oz is correct about Trump, and his 29 BMI puts Trump at the high end of the overweight scale, which also places Trump almost in the obese category.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, in Canton, Ohio. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Trump told Dr. Oz that he’s always been a little bit “this way,” and called himself a good swimmer. Trump was likely referring to Dr. Oz’s body mass comment, and The Donald might believe his high BMI somehow makes him better at swimming in the same manner as a buoy.

“It’s tough because of the way I live.”

Trump has referred to the previous weight loss he allegedly underwent as he has become more active on the campaign trail. Trump did admit to Dr. Oz that he would like to drop some pounds after Dr. Oz asked Trump if his family members have ever given him a hard time about his weight. Trump told Dr. Oz that his Family members have indeed brought up his weight issue before, but Trump did not elaborate beyond the affirmative answer to Dr. Oz’s question before he launched into his comments about being a good swimmer.

However, it’s other the stuff swimming around Trump’s body that’s getting attention from Trump’s visit with Dr. Oz. News about Trump’s testosterone levels seems to be dominating the interest of folks on social media. Prior to Trump’s visit to Dr. Oz, he had been nicknamed “Testosterone Trump” in the past, which was a reference to Trump’s manner of bulldozing through certain situations in a masculine manner.

Ivanka Trump, right, watches as her father Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a policy speech on child care, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, in Aston, Penn. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Now that Trump’s allegedly high testosterone levels have been revealed to Dr. Oz, expect that “Testosterone Trump” nickname to stick. Social media is already having a field day with The Donald’s latest faux pas as it is highly unusual for a presidential candidate to reveal their testosterone level to the public.

On Twitter, comments such as the following regarding Trump and his testosterone are flowing into the social media platform.

“So has lots of testosterone does he? Is he taking steroids or suffering with a hormone disorder?”

“John McCain released 1,200 pages of medical records. No coverage of his testosterone level. Donald Trump released 1 page. With testosterone.”

“Clip from Dr. Oz shows that Trump got a round of applause when his testosterone score was read.”

“@realDonaldTrump includes testosterone in med report. Per @DrRichardBesser: ‘testosterone is not routinely measured.’ Levels are ‘normal’.”

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]