WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Taking On Kevin Owens For The Universal Title At Royal Rumble?

The Beast Incarnate was last seen by the WWE Universe at SummerSlam when he defeated Randy Orton by TKO. WWE’s timing couldn’t have been better for Lesnar’s return to the squared circle. His fight at UFC 200 was near the same time the WWE announced his match against Orton, so it helped his marketability and the WWE Universe’s hype for him to come back. At the same time, it was also the Viper’s next match after missing several months to a shoulder injury.

WWE’s stars aligned and the two former-WWE World Heavyweight champions did battle for the second time in their illustrious careers. Lesnar hit him too hard with an elbow to the forehead and actually concussed Orton, according to various reports. That’s why Orton wasn’t able to compete at Backlash this past Sunday against Bray Wyatt. Instead, the Eater of Worlds took out Orton backstage, and he didn’t compete in his regularly-scheduled match.

wwe superstar randy orton
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Over one month has passed, and both WWE superstars are on doing new things. Orton is feuding with Wyatt, and they will finally have a match at No Mercy unless the Viper still isn’t cleared. He was able to hit his RKO, so his injury can’t be too severe. Plans are not in place for a rematch on television between Ortona and the Beast Incarnate. It wouldn’t make much sense, especially after Lesnar decimated him at SummerSlam.

In that case, who’s next for Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman? It certainly won’t be Goldberg, despite what many WWE Universe members claim. Lesnar isn’t even going to fight John Cena. They’ve already done that match before, and the two men are on separate brands. Goldberg isn’t going to return at all, even though his WWE 2K partnership suggests otherwise. In a new report by the 434, Brock Lesnar is set to face the WWE Universal champion, Kevin Owens, at the Royal Rumble.

“The original plan for Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, was to face off against Universal Champion Finn Balor, but with Balor injured, plans have obviously changed.

“The new plan is said to have Brock Lesnar challenge Kevin Owens at the PPV for the Universal Title.

“Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar has been a dream match for most fans since Kevin Owens debuted in NXT, and now those dreams may become reality for WWE’s top prize.”

The report mentions the original report being Balor and Owens for the WWE Universal title. That’s the logical route to take, but given Balor’s serious shoulder injury, it simply can’t happen soon. 434 is right when they say Balor and Lesnar is a dream matchup for many WWE fans. So, it will be very exciting if it does happen. Once Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are out of the picture, there really isn’t anyone left that makes sense.

Sami Zayn
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The man pictured above is another realistic opponent for Owens. Sami Zayn already had his feud with the WWE Universal champion and he beat him in two straight pay-per-views. The fact that Zayn hasn’t gone anywhere since then is an absolute travesty. It’s evident that WWE Creative doesn’t see Zayn in the same conversation as his counterpart, but they should. They’re the polar opposite of each other and can have a good match blindfolded.

Unfortunately, it isn’t up to the fans as to what matches are made and which WWE Superstars are pushed. Right now, it appears Chris Jericho and Zayn will have a good feud. Y2J should put over the former-NXT champion, as he usually does for young talent. Once that is underway, it should propel Zayn into a main event role. Even if Brock Lesnar fights Owens at the Royal Rumble, there are still several shows before that to throw a new wrestler into the main event.

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