WWE Rumors: Will Brock Lesnar Fight Goldberg Or John Cena?

Brock Lesnar has always been the subject of various WWE rumors from the minute he signed on to the company from the UFC. However, two of the biggest WWE rumors as of late focus on who, precisely, he’ll be fighting next. Given that Lesnar has a tendency to savage his opponents in the ring (just ask Randy Orton), many of the WWE rumors about Lesnar have him facing off against much more formidable opponents — namely, John Cena and Goldberg.

But which of the two will be next to fight against the former UFC fighter?

If you believe Forbes Magazine, the WWE rumors about Goldberg fighting Lesnar are not only true, they’re essential for the company. According to them, much of Lesnar’s storyline appeals only to hardcore WWE fans. This, however, is indicative of the so-called “New Era” of the WWE, so if Lesnar wants to remain in the good graces of the hardcore fans, he’s going to have to face off against a legend like Goldberg… and that’s exactly what’s set to happen at Wrestlemania 33 in April.

Goldberg and Lesnar last faced off in 2004, at Wrestlemania 20. Obviously, a lot has changed in wrestling — and with the fighters — since then.

But there’s a long way to go before we’re into April, and Wrestlemania 33, so in the meantime, the WWE rumors about John Cena facing off against Brock Lesnar before the biggest wrestling event of the year just may be true, as well. According to Movie News Guide, the latest WWE rumors about John Cena indicate that he’s all too happy to put Lesnar in his place once and for all, especially since he (like Chris Jericho & Shane McMahon) is friends with Randy Orton, and he has more than a few bad feelings towards Lesnar that he’d love to sort out in the ring.

In addition, according to the site, both Lesnar and Cena are major draws for the company — and for SmackDown — so it seems only natural that the company would pit the two biggest fighters against each other to increase SmackDown‘s ratings (which, if nothing else, have proven to be inconsistent).

Even though Cena is currently filming the movie American Grit, a fight against Lesnar is not impossible. Of course, he may have to wait until after September 24th, which is when Lesnar’s rematch against Randy Orton is scheduled to take place.

Far be it from other fighters, however, to jump into the ring to fight against Lesnar. According to 411Mania, the latest WWE rumors about Brock Lesnar are inspiring NXT fighters to want to try their hand against the superstar in order to get their footing in the company. One such fighter is Shinsuke Nakamura, whose star has been slowly but surely rising in the company. He was recently asked if he would like to fight against Brock Lesnar in a rematch, and he indicated that, of course, he would love to do so.

“If I get a chance, I would be up for that. My body would need to be ready because he is tough. Ouch.”

Nakamura, however, concedes that he has to develop his character a lot more before he can consider being on a main card fight.

“[Terry Taylor] knows there is a psychology and certain things American fans like. I really enjoy studying from him…Most NXT guys are young guys. They keep me young working with them. They challenge me in a different way. I can teach them and also can study. I learn from them.”

What do you think of these latest WWE rumors? Do you believe the WWE rumors that Brock Lesnar will fight Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33, or do you believe the WWE rumors that Brock Lesnar will fight John Cena on SmackDown?

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