Jimmy Hoffa Still Missing After Search Ends

Jimmy Hoffa is still missing. Authorities searching for the teamster boss in a suburban neighborhood last week came up empty handed.

According to CNN, soil results taken from a home in Roseville, Michigan, showed no evidence that human remains were buried on the property.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said:

“The samples submitted for examination showed no signs of human decomposition.”

The search for Jimmy Hoffa was resumed last week after a tipster told police that he had seen a body buried in the yard shortly after the disappearance of the Teamster boss. The Daily Mail reports that the tip came from a man who had ties to Detroit Mafia street enforcer Anthony Giacalone. Police believed that the tip was credible and set upon the Michigan neighborhood to unearth Jimmy Hoffa more than three decades after his disappearance.


Berlin added that the Roseville Police Department had doubts about the search since the beginning, saying that Hoffa rumors pop up every couple of years.

Berlin said:

“This is kind of like an open wound that won’t go away … Every couple of years this happens, and all you guys come out here and we have to relive it.”

CNN reports that local police departments and the FBI have searched for Hoffa remains for years. In 2001, the FBI found DNA in a car that they believe was used in the teamster’s disappearance. A few years later they followed a “credible lead” to the basement of a Detroit home. Some people claim that Jimmy Hoffa is burred in the end zone at the New York Giants former stadium.