Bradford Man Accused Of Rape Apologizes To Victim Through WhatsApp: ‘I Wanted You To Say No One More Time’

After allegedly raping a female friend, Bradford, England, resident Ryan Falconer, who is on trial for his supposed actions, reportedly texted his victim through the popular cell phone application WhatsApp to apologize for what he did.

During proceedings for the case in Bradford Crown Court on Wednesday, jurors and other court attendees were read the messages that were said to have been sent to the unnamed woman from the 24-year-old father of one on the night of May 16, 2015.

According to The Sun, Falconer and the woman, 20, maintained a platonic relationship that often saw Ryan flirting with her to the point of requesting nude pictures of herself, as well as oral sex. The supposed victim admitted that she occasionally reciprocated his flirtation, but never followed through on his demands for the sex act or the images (Falconer claims otherwise regarding the pictures).

On the evening in question, the victim says that she invited Ryan over to the home that she shares with her parents to watch movies. Falconer accepted the request and around 8:45 p.m., the two stepped into her room to begin viewing the films. It was then that Falconer supposedly pulled the woman on top of him and forced her to perform oral sex, before going on into full, unwanted intercourse.

“‘You can do it,'” she claimed Falconer said to her. “‘You know you want to.’ [I just kept saying], ‘No, I don’t want to. Stop. Get off me.'”

After demanding him to leave, the woman then checked Google to assure herself that she had, in fact, been raped, due to her not screaming out or physically fighting off Falconer’s unwanted advances.

“I just froze,” she explained to Judge Jonathan Rose when asked why she didn’t fight back. “I kept saying no. And [I didn’t] want [my] parents to see [me] getting raped.”

Once she realized that she had been the victim of a sexual assault, she reached out to Falconer through WhatsApp, just as she had done during past communications with him.

“[You] don’t understand how upset I am [right now],” she relayed to Ryan.

“Me, too,” he responded. “I’m sorry, [I] don’t want our friendship ruined.”

When she expressed that she told him “no,” Falconer shot back an apology with a frown-face emoji.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“I feel bad. I wanted you to say ‘no’ one more time; then, it would have stopped. I’ve f***** up! I’ve f***** up my home life, [I] f***** up my friendship with you, and now, I’m walking [around] pissed. Right now, I really wish [I] was dead.”

After repeating “sorry” several times, Falconer begged the 20-year-old not to involve the police.

“I [misread] the signs and should [have] listened,” he texted. “Please don’t have me lose my son.”

“What signs,” the victim angrily shot back. “I said, ‘no, I can’t do this.’ I’m sorry, but you should have thought about that before you raped me.”

“I can’t lose my son,” Falconer purportedly responded. “And we touched each other. Do you [realize] how f***** up my life is?”

After asking for Ryan to give her time to think, he threw out one last guilt-laden statement.

“If our friendship is over, then that’s my f*** up,” he stated. “[I] will tell [my son’s] mum what I did without putting you in harm. If she kicks me out, that’s my f*** up, but I just can’t lose my son. He’s my everything and I need him so much.”

Two days later, Falconer was arrested and charged with rape. During his interrogation with police, he would report that the sex between him and the woman was completely consensual, and that she did not request for him to stop at any time throughout it.

The trial is expected to reach its conclusion by the end of this week.

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