Burke Ramsey’s Dr. Phil Interview Brings Up Topic Of Incorrect Date On JonBenet’s Tombstone

As if there weren’t enough things that just didn’t pass the sniff test in the murder case of little beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, Dr. Phil wraps up interviews with Burke Ramsey and JonBenet’s father John Ramsey, and he wants to know why the family put the wrong date on JonBenet’s headstone. Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet, put the little girl to bed in the late hours of Christmas Day, December 25, and allegedly woke up on December 26th to find the ransom note for the little girl, yet the Ramseys put December 25 as the death date on the headstone of JonBenet Patricia Ramsey. Dr. Phil will ask John Ramsey if that is because the family knew she was dead on December 25.

The three-part interview on The Dr. Phil Show with JonBenet Ramsey’s brother Burke Ramsey was enlightening to the public, as it showed Burke Ramsey as a man-child who was changed forever by the murder of his 6-year-old sister, according to the Inquisitr. Burke Ramsey’s smile while he spoke of JonBenet’s body being found is uncomfortable, and though he was cleared of any involvement by DNA evidence, he seemed somewhat detached from the event.

Conspiracy theorists are always looking for that little inconsistency, like Elvis’ middle name being spelled incorrectly on his headstone, to indicate that there is something not quite right with a suspicious death. On The Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Phil did a three-part interview with Burke Ramsey, and in the third installment next week, he sits down with John Bennett Ramsey, father of JonBenet Ramsey, to ask some additional questions, according to The Dr. Phil website. John Ramsey tells Dr. Phil in the interview that this will be the last time he sits down and discusses the events surrounding the murder of his daughter, JonBenet.


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In the preview for the Monday interview, Dr. Phil McGraw has John Ramsey recall events in a timeline, including the fact that it was John Ramsey that found JonBenet’s body in the basement.

“I was just hoping she would wake up and began to realize that she wasn’t going to, and I started to scream.”

But she didn’t, as she was dead with duct tape across her mouth, wrapped in a blanket. This was on December 26. Later in the interview, Dr. Phil asks John Ramsey that it looks suspicious that JonBenet was put to bed by her parents late on the night of December 25, and found dead on the 26th, yet the family put December 25 on her headstone as the day of death. In the preview for Monday, Dr. Phil asks John Ramsey why.

“It looks like you put December 25th on the headstone because you knew with certainty that she actually died on December 25th.”

There are posts on various sites on the internet that have been pondering the mystery of JonBenet’s headstone for the nearly 20 years since her untimely death. Topix in particular has a section that is called “JonBenet’s Grave Gives Clues.” Various people weighed in to wonder why the Ramseys would put the 25th on her headstone.

“Apologies if this has been discussed a lot, but I’d love to discuss this. I read that Jonbenet’s parents had her grave inscribed with her date of death being 25th Dec. Is this true? Surely with John claiming they found her in the morning of26th, it (in a way?) shows they knew more about the time of death than they’d originally let on?”

Another person thought out loud about why anyone would want to associate their child’s death with Christmas.

“As Christians, I should think they would not want to associate their daughter’s death with Christmas Day. Leave that last day that she lived a joyous day of celebration. The last good memory they had of her. And why would he include “the world” in his statement. It was one person that killed his child.”

Will you watch The Dr. Phil Show on Monday to hear John Ramsey answer the question about JonBenet’s headstone?

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