Jimmy Carter Pollster Pat Caddell Calls Media Bias A Threat To Democracy [Video]

Democrat strategist and political consultant Patrick Caddell is fed up with the mainstream media bias overwhelmingly favoring the re-election of President Barack Obama. Virtually the entire news media is on the Obama bandwagon, which is not what the First Amendment contemplated, Caddell insists.

Caddell, who is a fixture on cable news, was a pollster to and political advisor for Democrats such as Jimmy Carter in his narrow 1976 win against President Gerald Ford and in his landslide loss to Ronald Regan in 1980. Reagan defeated Carter in 1980 by forging a coalition of Republican voters and so-called Reagan Democrats.

Caddell didn’t mince words in his recent speech (see video below). He claims that the media has now become the enemy of the American people and a fundamental threat to democracy. “The overwhelming [media] bias has become very real and very dangerous,” Caddell said in speech for the Accuracy in Media organization.

Questionable polling results that favor Obama over Romney are another manifestation of bias, he says: “Some of it is error, some of it is miscalculation, but some of it is deliberate, in my opinion—to pump up the numbers using 2008 base to give a sense of momentum to the Obama campaign.”

He is particularly upset with the way the media has or has not covered the violence in Libya that took the lives of four Americans including the ambassador:

“First of all we’ve had nine day of lies over what happened because they can’t dare say it’s a terrorist attack, and the press won’t push this … None of it is being pressed in the papers. If a President of either party … had a terrorist incident, and got on an airplane after saying something, and flown off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas, they would have been crucified! It would have been—it should have been the equivalent, for Barack Obama, of George Bush’s “flying over Katrina” moment. But nothing was said at all, and nothing will be said.

“It is one thing to bias the news, or have a biased view. It is another thing to specifically decide that you will not tell the American people information they have a right to know …”

Caddell also called out Mitt Romney and other Republicans for failing to push back against the media’s unfair coverage:

“Why isn’t Romney himself getting up and saying, ‘I’m running against two organizations: I’m running against the Democrats and the President, and I’m running against the mainstream media, which will not tell you the truth’?”

Watch Pat Caddell’s speech about media bias in the 2012 presidential election:

Do you agree that that most of the news media is offering a one-sided presentation of the presidential campaign?