Smoking pot may save beer soaked brains

It must be the weekend with this little run on beer, and other party related favors, stories but for those of you who don’t do moderate beer drinking well this might be something to keep in mind.

It appears that researchers at the University of California San Diego have found some interesting results after performing brain scans of 16 to 19 year olds in three groups: binge drinkers, binge drinkers who also smoke pot, and those with little experience of either evil substance.

In a news release from the Marijuana Project the unexpected result they discovered was that marijuana somehow stops alcohol from damaging brain cells. They found that binge drinkers showed damage in their brain’s white matter but those who drink and smoke showed more damage than the control group in only three of eight areas of the brain. In seven of the areas their brains were in better shape.

Now if you don’t believe me you can always check out the research results as posted to the web by ScienceDirect.


hat tip to Nothing To Do With Arbroath