Massive ‘Cloud-Cloaked’ UFO Mothership Filmed Sailing Across Peru Skies [Video]

There is excitement among members of the UFO community over footage allegedly showing a massive “cloud-cloaked” alien UFO mothership that suddenly became visible as it sailed through thick clouds over northwestern Peru.

The footage was reportedly shot last month by an amateur videographer called Marcus, according to UFO Sightings Hotspot.

Marcus was recording a time-lapse video of clouds over his city in the La Libertad Region of northwestern Peru — a UFO hotspot — when his camera accidentally filmed a massive alien UFO mothership that emerged from behind “cloaking” clouds.

“It is a mysterious phenomenon in an area where others have recorded sightings of white objects floating in the sky.”

According to UFO researchers, cloud-cloaking is a method that aliens use to hide their UFOs from human observers. The technique involves a UFO generating cloud-like material that hides its presence.

Marcus was shocked to spot the dark form of a massive UFO mothership emerging from behind the clouds while reviewing his time-lapse video of the sky over his city.

The footage was first uploaded to YouTube on September 12, 2016, by UFO hunter Misterio Canal (Mysterious Channel), and it has been featured on multiple UFO and alien conspiracy theory blogs.

Many UFO and alien hunters agreed that the video shows an artificially constructed structure, an alien UFO mothership. Some enthusiasts compared it to an Imperial Star Destroyer from the Star Wars films. Others claimed that it appears to have been constructed from a mysterious lusterless exotic metal. One viewer claimed he could see windows on its sides.

UFO hidden behind clouds [Image via Shutterstock]

While most alien hunters agreed that the video shows a cloaked extraterrestrial craft that became visible in the clouds after it “decloaked” accidentally, some suggested it could be an exotic structure intruding into our world through a portal from another dimension or parallel universe.

One enthusiast suggested it could be proof of time travel and that humans from the future may have traveled back in time to prevent an event in the future.

“It may be [a craft] that came from the future to collect something or prevent something from occurring now not to jeopardize the future,” Luis Antonio Marrega suggested, according to the Daily Mail.

Others speculated it could be the NWO-Illuminati experimenting with their latest holographic projection technology.

An enthusiast compared it to ghostly “floating cities” spotted over China recently.

But UFO blogger Scott C. Waring declared on his UFO Sightings Daily blog that the footage is “100 per cent proof that UFOs hide within clouds of their own making.”

“This video looks legit, and it is 100% proof that UFOs do hide within clouds of their own making,” the UFO hunter commented. “This UFO looks like it is made from the same non-reflective [material as] black buildings I and others have found on every planet and moon in our solar system in NASA photos.”

According to UFO hunters, the footage proves the Earth is being watched by extraterrestrial beings from alien civilizations much more advanced than ours. Some enthusiasts speculated that our world could be an experiment being conducted by superior alien beings with advanced scientific and technological culture. The alleged aliens use their advanced technology to watch our world secretly so that humans are not aware that they are being observed like guinea pigs in a laboratory experiment. But occasionally, the advanced aliens reveal their presence unintentionally.

Alien UFOs simulate clouds, researchers claim [Image via Shutterstock]

But some skeptics attempted to debunk the footage, say it could be a CGI hoax.

“I will call this fake.”

“It’s a gap in the clouds, not a UFO.”

“Pause at 1:57: The object is completely mirrored from top to bottom — weird,” a skeptic commented. “I guess whoever created it didn’t have enough on the bottom so decided to mirror it before inserting it into this fake footage.”

The latest UFO sighting report from South America is reminiscent of the alleged sighting in July of a 1-kilometer-wide flying saucer UFO hovering over Cartagena in Colombia. The sighting, which reportedly occurred in the afternoon on June 30, sparked excitement in Cartagena. Hundreds of stunned residents took to social media to post images and videos of the alleged sighting (see below).

Skeptics had dismissed the first images of the alleged flying saucer UFO over Cartagena that emerged on social media as hoaxes. But footage soon surfaced showing what appeared to be a giant flying saucer UFO mothership hovering menacingly, Independence Day-style, over the Colombian city.

The shocking footage, taken by Cristian David Ramos Martinez, and uploaded to YouTube on July 3, 2016, appeared to be corroborated by other footage uploaded online independently by other witnesses.

The alleged video evidence of the sighting sparked a furious and acrimonious debate between believers and non-believers. While believers insisted stridently that the footage proved claims that aliens often hide (“cloak”) their UFOs in clouds, skeptics argued that the images and videos showed a natural cloud formation.

The Inquisitr also reported in June that Waring claimed to have spotted a gigantic 10-mile-wide flying saucer UFO sailing at a very high altitude, cloaked in clouds (see video below).

He claimed to have spotted the massive alien UFO while watching NASA’s ISS live stream on June 8. According to Waring, the perfect disc-shape of the strange formation and the unusually high altitude at which it was spotted proved it was an alien craft simulating a drifting cloud.

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