Independence Day-Style Flying Saucer UFO Filmed Flying Over Remote Malaysian Village — Real Or Fake? [Video]

Bizarre footage that purports to show a massive flying saucer UFO hovering and gliding over a village in the Kuala Krai district of Malaysia has gone viral on Malaysian social media. Although it was claimed that the Independence Day movie-style footage was shot by shocked locals who spotted the massive black aerial object with glowing light passing over their village, skeptics dismissed it as an elaborate CGI prank.

Thousands of astounded Malaysian social media users shared the eerie footage that apparently captures the terrifying moment that an ominously black flying saucer UFO loomed menacingly over a remote rural community in the Kuala Krai district of the north east Malaysian state of Kelantan.

The cries and excited chatter of supposedly terrified villagers as the black UFO drifted across the sky over their homes can be heard in the video. The footage shows the UFO swooping low, very close to the ground. It shines a beam of light to the ground, appearing to conduct an aerial survey of the ground below as it maneuvers deftly to avoid colliding with trees.

The large black flying saucer is remarkably similar to the massive alien spacecraft that hovered over cities in the 1996 movie, Independence Day. It flies low and straight over the village and disappears behind trees into misty darkness. The sound of engines is audible as the flying saucer glides overhead.

Then it turns around and glides back over and across the Malaysian village. Startled cries from panicked villagers can be heard as the UFO returns, skimming over tall palm trees in the area. Shocked villagers talk loudly in nervous excitement, apparently asking and debating among themselves what the mysterious object might be.

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But as news of the arrival of aliens from a distant star system spread on Malaysian social media and end-of-the-world rumors gained traction causing panic, police reportedly issued a statement dismissing alarming stories that an alien UFO had appeared over a remote community.

Malaysian police called for calm and told media reporters that since rumors of alien UFO visitation emerged, they have not received a reliable eyewitness report.

Police also denied earlier reports that attributed the footage to the Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA), according to the Daily Mail.

According to police, the motive of the individuals who circulated the footage was unknown but it was probably meant only as a prank.

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According to the Chief Superintendent of police, Abdullah Roning, the footage was “circulated by individuals who intentions were unknown.”

He added that his men had investigated and found no evidence that anyone saw a massive black UFO flying over communities in the rural district of Kuala Krai, as claimed on social media.

Some skeptics suggested that the pranksters deliberately released the footage to coincide with the country’s August 31 independence day celebration.

The latest alleged flying saucer UFO sighting is reminiscent of a previously claimed sighting over Kenya in East Africa last June, touted as the “most famous UFO sighting in Africa.”

The footage, uploaded to YouTube, shows what appeared to be a flying saucer UFO gliding in stormy weather over a remote rural location in Kenya. The footage was reportedly captured by a Kenyan driving in stormy weather on a dirt road in an isolated district.

According to the video description, the footage was the “ultimate proof of alien life.”

“It is an awesome documentation which has created social media frenzy among Kenyans and those who believe that it was real,” the uploader wrote. “Just have a look and you will never doubt the existence of UFOs. We are not alone in the universe but the question is why these aliens continue to taunt humanoids with occasional appearances.”

Despite the YouTube user’s loquacious effort to promote the video as an authentic UFO sighting, skeptics dismissed it as a CGI effort.

But an enthusiast defended the clip was “legit.”

“Some people here are talking about CGI as if it is something easy to achieve,” the YouTube user commented. “As far as I am concerned, that video is legit.”

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