Was ‘Real Housewives’ Bethenny Right About Jules Wainstein Planned Divorce Storyline?

Though Real Housewives Jules Wainstein and friend Dorinda Medley have called foul on the idea that Jules went on RHONY just to get divorced and secure some income as Bethenny Frankel stated, there is new evidence and some buzz that Bethenny was right, and just before Jules signed on the dotted line for RHONY, she signed a post-nup with estranged husband Michael Wainstein. Jules Wainstein’s friends are talking that Jules and Michael planned their post marriage finances before Jules started on RHONY.

Last week was a difficult one for now ex RHONY Jules Wainstein, as she was axed by Bravo and had the support amount she desired chopped in half says The Inquisitr. Michael Wainstein also mentioned in court that he believes that Jules can’t be trusted with grocery money, as she is unable to plan meals to feed to the couple’s two children. If the hearing was any indication, things are going to get uglier as the Wainsteins battle over their children and finances.

It is starting to sound like Real Housewives Bethenny Frankel might have been onto something when she said that Jules Wainstein came ontoRHONY just for the splitting up storyline to secure some cash and PR for her business. Questions are arising that suggest that Michael Wainstein pulled a “Kelsey Grammer,” as Grammer allegedly encouraged wife Camille to go on RHOBH to have income and something for herself before he left the marriage.


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Bethenny claimed that Jules went on RHONY to get divorced on the Real Housewives reunion, but Jules supporter Dorinda says this is untrue, and Jules was completely blindsided by Michael Wainstein filing for divorce. Sources close to the situation say that Bethenny has been vindicated as details are emerging about the Wainstein’s faux relationship at the end.

“Bethenny is right!”

The source also says that Bethenny was acquainted with Jules and Michael before she signed on to RHONY, and discussed with her their flagging relationship.

“Jules and Michael were with Bethenny a few times and that is why she could say that she knew them. She knew that their marriage wasn’t going to last.”

It is curious that anyone would plan to have their marriage meltdown on television, but that was allegedly the plan, so Bethenny was not concocting a story out of left field. But perhaps the biggest news is that Michael Wainstein had a post-nup drawn up, and Jules Wainstein signed it just before Jules started on RHONY.

“They knew they were getting a divorce, so they wanted to split things up fairly before the prying eyes of the cameras were on them.”

So Bethenny Frankel did know a little something about the bait and switch going on with Real Housewives and the Wainsteins.

Hollywood Take is suggesting that Jules Wainstein is in the middle of a net worth crisis, and she has had financial problems in her past. Wainstein has filed bankruptcy in the past, and currently is facing a $10k lien. At this time, Jules Wainstein is seeking spousal and child support from estranged husband Michael Wainstein.

Jules Wainstein is saying that she left the Bravo show to spend more time with her kids and to take care of her family, but sources are saying that even with the demise of her marriage, viewers did not relate to her, and so it is Bravo that is choosing to move on without her on RHONY.

Do you think the Wainstein drama on RHONY was faked for television?

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