UFO Hunter Films Alien Spy Fleet Burning And Crashing To Earth After Being Struck By Lightning Over Corsica [Video]

A UFO hunter reports sighting a fleet of alien crafts being destroyed by lightning during a thunderstorm over Corsica on September 8, 2016. The thunderstorm began at about 9:00 p.m. and several people gathered to witness the awesome spectacle of massive lightning bolts flashing across the dark sky (see video below).

The UFO hunter watched the thunderstorm from his rented house in Corsica. He used his camera to capture five videos of the spectacular lightning strikes. He noticed in two of the five videos he took that mysterious balls of light were falling as lightning struck.

“I noticed strange lights falling down the sky just after the lightning twice.”

As he watched the mysterious lights falling he recalled a similar video (see below) of a massive thunderstorm he shot two years earlier in the summer of 2014 with his brand new Canon 700D. The video showed mysterious lights hovering in the air and falling to the ground amid multiple lightning strikes.

He was convinced at the time that the strange balls of light were not rare ball lightning because the phenomenon is very rare and flies close to the ground.

“I’m… confused about this one. Maybe some type of craft spying the area? Man-made or not, this object is really weird.”

Similarly, when he saw mysterious bright objects falling to the ground during a thunderstorm over Corsica, he first thought they might be ball lightning, but he began having doubts while reviewing and analyzing the footage.

He became convinced after careful analysis that the footage does not show ball lightning or other natural phenomenon but mysterious UFOs falling to the ground after being hit by lightning.

The lightning appeared to strike the mysterious UFOs and set them alight. The stricken crafts then fell, burning as they crashed to the ground.

“When I checked my first video, one of the lights seems hit by the lightning, and creates some kind of electric discharge,” he wrote. “The object then falls off the sky, and looks like it’s burning.”

As a second lightning bolt streaked across the sky, he noticed two large explosions. At first, he thought the explosions were part of the atmospheric electric discharge phenomenon. But while reviewing the footage in slow-motion, he noticed a fast moving object flying in the direction of the storm. The lightning then struck the object, causing a second large explosion.

“The two falling objects are UFOs hit by the strikes, burning and falling while being consumed in mid-air.”

UFO crashes to Earth after lightning strike [Image via Shutterstock]

“I first thought ‘nothing impressive, probably the lightning bolts, normal pattern,'” he wrote. “But after viewing the footage in slow-mo, I saw a kind of fast ‘light’ going in the storm direction. The object went straight through the lightning bolt, causing the strange ‘electrical explosion.'”

While reviewing the second video, he spotted another falling UFO and multiple lights hovering near a lightning bolt. He zoomed in and noticed they were metallic crafts hovering in the sky.

“When zooming in to show some close ups, I noticed a suspect stationary object next to the storm,” he wrote. “On the video, it really looks metallic, due to the lightning reflecting on its side.”

He concluded after studying the footage that a fleet of alien crafts had been flying through the storm and that the lightning bolts produced by the storm hit them, set them alight and caused them to fall or crash to Earth.

“Nothing out of the ordinary, some UFOs recharge from lightning.”

Other enthusiasts agreed that the footage shows UFOs being struck down to Earth by lightning. But some suggested they were only recharging their power source from atmospheric electric discharge. However, one enthusiast insisted that alien technology was far too advanced and sophisticated to rely on atmospheric electric discharge as a source of energy and that the footage likely shows “cloaked” alien UFOs being “decloaked” by lightning strikes.

Folklore claims that UFOs are attracted to atmospheric electric discharges and related phenomena because aliens use them to recharge their UFO batteries. Some enthusiasts also believe that alien scientists conducting weather control experiments can cause thunderstorms.

“Different craft have different methods of refueling,” an enthusiast lectured. “Lots of instances where the craft are seen deliberately flying into a lightning storm to recharge.”

“There are huge monster ships showing up for meetings with our government… ships so huge they bring their own gravity which messes with our atmosphere…”

UFO hovers in the clouds [Image via Shutterstock]

“I wouldn’t think that they need this energy, they must have superior energy source,” another UFO hunter suggested. “It could be that the lightning is decloaking them temporarily.”

Alien Blogger Scott C. Waring also commented on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, saying that UFOs are often spotted during storms. Waring has often claimed on his blog that aliens in UFOs are able to cause lightning storms. He also believes that aliens study atmospheric electric phenomenon because it is a source of energy for their flying crafts.

“UFOs are frequently seen during lightning storms, often shooting about at incredible speed and can only be seen by taking video, then slowing it down to catch them,” Waring writes. “I believe they cause the lightning storms and they also use them to feed off the lightning.”

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