Mysterious Bright Light Over Canberra Was UFO Exiting Stargate Portal Not ‘Ball Lightning’ Phenomenon, UFO Hunters Say [Video]

A mysterious bright light that lit up the skies momentarily over Canberra, Australia, during a thunderstorm on Sunday has sparked an online debate after UFO enthusiasts challenged the claim by astronomers and meteorologists that it was only an incident of the rare and mysterious atmospheric “ball lightning” phenomenon.

According to UFO enthusiasts, scientists are trying to cover-up yet another incident of extraterrestrial UFO phenomenon — this time a UFO exiting a space-time or inter-dimensional portal — by claiming that the ball of light was an occurrence of the rare and little understood “ball lightning” atmospheric phenomenon.

Footage of the incident over the Australian capital city of Canberra, first uploaded to Reddit, shows a bright orb that appears suddenly in the night sky amid a mixture of eerie red and green colors. The bright orb of light expands and illuminates the night sky for a few seconds, then bursts and disappears mysteriously, leaving a doughnut-shaped afterglow against the persisting background of eerie red and green colors.

The footage sparked excitement in the online UFO community after UFO theorists suggested during discussions in online forums that careful observation of the footage — especially the aurora-like red and blue hue colors in the background — proves that it was an alien UFO exiting a space-time portal with the help of a stargate-type device that is able to transport astronauts, in an instant, across vast intergalactic distances.

Other claimed that it may have been alien visitors from a parallel universe exiting an inter-dimensional portal.

After UFO theorists suggested that the expanding brilliance of the ball of light and the doughnut-shaped afterglow suggests a UFO exiting a space-time or inter-dimensional portal, discussions flourished online about the technical details of the nature of “Einstein–Rosen bridge stargate” devices, and how technologically advanced alien civilizations might deploy them to overcome barriers of space and time.

According to a YouTube user, David Tefler, who claims to have seen alien flying saucers open up and enter a portal, “I’d say that this was craft exiting a portal.”

Jakka Warren dismissed the claim by Australian astronomers and meteorologists that the light was “ball lightning,” exclaiming, “They wanna tell me it’s a ball of lightning, nice try fools.”

He classified the UFO involved in the alleged stargate inter-dimensional translation as a “Class B UFO,” pointing to the evidence of what he termed “typical hyperdrive residues.”

“I have seen a saucer open a portal up close and there was no light on the end it went into. I’d say that was a craft exiting a portal.

“Typical hyperdrive residue formation from a class B ufo… and they wanna tell me it’s ball lightning, nice try fools.

“Sounds like they were transiting into the negative-spectrum relative to our own ‘light’ spectrum.

“Looks like they didn’t calibrate the time travel device correctly.

“Looks like a Stargate hyperspace window.

“Ship went warp speed.”

And while UFO enthusiasts discussed excitedly the implications of the alleged stargate portal phenomenon over Canberra, killjoy meteorologists and astronomers came forward with the suggestion that the remarkable footage might have shown a rare atmospheric phenomenon known as “ball lightning.”

According to Brad Tucker, astronomer at the Australian National University, the spherical orb had nothing to do with aliens, UFOs and inter-dimensional or space-time portals, but was likely a “ball lightning.”

“If it was [a portal phenomenon], they [aliens] might visit somewhere more active than Canberra,” he joked.

The attempt by meteorologists to downplay the incident sparked a backlash from UFO enthusiasts who accused the authorities of attempting to cover-up the truth about UFO phenomena and extraterrestrial activity.

UFO theorists argued on social media that the appearance of the “ball of light” — with red and blue aurora-like colors in the background — was not typical of “ball lightning” phenomenon. They pointed out that the nature of “ball lightning” remains a mystery to scientists, yet scientists continue to use the term in reference to luminous spherical atmospheric phenomenon associated with thunderstorms that they are unable to explain.

The typical ball lightning appears in the sky as a pea-sized object, and expands several meters in diameter before exploding violently. Scientists had previously dismissed reports of sightings of ball lightning as “urban legend,” and only acknowledged the reality of the phenomenon in the 1960s.

However, some skeptics suggested that the video was a hoax.

A Reddit user chided the uploader, saying, “You managed to fool a lot of r*****s.”

But other Reddit users insisted the footage looked authentic.

“It could be fake, but it still resembles ball lightning more than it resembles a firework.”

“It’s a bit underwhelming … but this video featured in a couple of anomalous weather pieces, and the general assumption is that it’s legit.”

“I don’t think it’s fake. If you freeze frame for the flash the whole environment gets lit up in a way you would expect it to.”

The astronomer Tucker agreed that the video was not a hoax, pointing out that the appearance of the ball of light fits the description of “ball lightning” phenomenon.

“It’s probably not Photoshop either,” he said. “Everything kind of fits and it seems right.”

But he admitted the red and green colors in the background could not be aurora because auroras normally occur “when energy from the sun hits the earth’s atmosphere… But the problem is there was no activity from the sun, it was cloudy, we can’t see the aurora, so it doesn’t really fit.”

However, he went on to suggest that the energy to create an aurora in the absence of solar activity may have come from the thunderstorm.

He said, “The same activity that causes an aurora, can actually happen inside our atmosphere if you have a storm with a lot of electrical charge that is rubbing against the gases in our atmosphere, causing it to grow that green or red color.”

[Image via Joe Thomissen/Wikimedia]

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