3 ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Clichés That Might Kill The Show

We will probably have Alaskan Bush People back for one more season. However, with things growing stale, there’s a high chance that it might be the final season. Unless Alaskan Bush People hits us with some stunning drama way out of left field, it will likely get canceled soon.

The problem with Alaskan Bush People — and reality TV as a genre — is that it’s hard to sustain any interest in the series’ cast. MTV’s Real World and various talent-based or competition reality shows benefit from having a new cast every season. There are new people to meet, new interactions, and new twists. They stay fresh in their own way.

Reality TV shows that follow a family or group season after season an inevitable drop off in viewership. With Alaskan Bush People getting moved to Friday (the “soon-to-be-canceled” graveyard night), things don’t look good for the program’s longevity.

There are a few changes that could be made that might save the series.

PSAs For The Browns Through Convenient Guest Stars

Alaskan Bush People Season 5 centered around a couple of the Browns being put on house arrest after pleading guilty to fraud. To keep the cast looking sympathetic and admirable, various “guest stars” were brought on the show. The goal was obvious: Defend the Alaskan Bush People cast as upstanding citizens who were true Alaskans and bush people.

No one seemed to be able to fathom why the Browns were in trouble, although the facts of the case were all over the internet. From CNN.

“[The Brown family patriarch and one of his sons pleaded guilty to fraud charges involving allegations that they took money from a state fund for residents while they were living elsewhere, according to media reports.”

“Billy Brown, 63, and Joshua Brown, 31, were sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of unsworn falsification in the second degree, according to the Juneau Empire newspaper.”

In an effort to do damage control, these totally unbiased observers would look into the camera and each made “public service announcements” about the goodness of the “Wolf Pack.” The attempts to clear the Browns’ of any wrongdoing ultimately resulted in throwing the state of Alaska and its citizens under the bus.

Not a good look on anyone’s part really. Therefore, we can only hope that the show decides to do away with the cringe-worthy PSAs.


The Grown Brown Children Are Single Because Dating In Alaska Is Hard

Despite what was said on Alaskan Bush People, Business Insider reports that gender gap isn’t too extreme in Alaska. There are about 107 men for every woman. Even if things were more lopsided, that shouldn’t keep the adult Brown children from dating. That shouldn’t even be a worry thanks to the Internet.

No, I’m not going to pretend that I believe the Brown kids have no idea how online dating works. We have videos of them on YouTube ably plugging their father’s book.

If they know enough to create slideshow videos and use some video editing effects, I’m sure the boys can get to a computer in town and hit up an online dating service. Sure they haven’t (allegedly) gotten marriage proposals. Doesn’t mean they can’t be proactive — and avoid another “paid actress” debacle.

At least Joshua Brown seems to have actively debunked the whole “trouble dating” thing. He’s allegedly in a relationship with Allison Kagan, the supervising field producer for Alaskan Bush People.

Everything might go wrong at any second

The show pulled on a ton of heart-strings when the “Wolf Pack” lost the Orca at the end of Season 1. There was even some concern when they were (seemingly) ran off their property. However, clarification by Alaska Dispatch-News unearthed just how fake much of the show really is.

With the cast, per Radar Online, all holed up in a cushy lodge when they’re not filming in Browntown, and it’s hard to believe the drama when it happens. It’s gotten to the point where anything that goes wrong feels contrived.

You don’t want to push an audience to the point where they don’t believe your story or the cast. Alaskan Bush People’s over-reliance on everything being destroyed and going wrong in a bid for sympathy is too much. The producers are going to have to back off the “everything is going wrong…for reasons.” angle.

Can you think of any other tired tropes weighing down Alaskan Bush People? Share them below!

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