Four ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors Debunked

The offseason for Alaskan Bush People is the reality TV show equivalent of low tide. There’s hardly any new information about the program or its cast. Much of what’s been discussed is ultimately gossip. Certain things are being circulated rapidly around the web to make up for the lack of new discussion topics.

Some things said about Alaskan Bush People are just untrue speculation. Other things? Not so much. So, which rumors are likely true, and which ones are complete hogwash? Here are a few widely circulated rumors and claims that don’t have a leg to stand on.

Rumor: Alaskan Bush People Is Losing A Cast Member

After the Alaskan Bush People season finale, some speculated that eldest son Matt Brown might leave the show. It would be understandable. He apparently needed treatment for alcohol-related issues. Matt’s People interview suggested he was on the right track, but would it be enough?

As of now, all signs point to the “Wolf Pack” being reunited in their beloved “Browntown.” With filming allegedly underway, it doesn’t appear that we’ll be short a cast member. So no, Alaskan Bush People is probably not going to lose Matt Brown. We probably won’t be losing his brother Joshua either, even if he’s dating a producer.

Rumor: Matt Brown Kicked Off Show/Gets Show Canceled Because Of Drinking

This is one of the most insidious rumors in circulation, to be honest. There are claims that Matt Brown either got the show canceled, or he is getting kicked off. Why? Because of his drinking-related troubles and trip to rehab.

This rumor is gross, and I’ve already shared why, but it’s worth restating: Stigmatizing those struggling with any drug or alcohol problems is low; especially when they are actively seeking treatment for their addiction. It also ties into an unfortunate cultural norm where people who suffer from addiction and need treatment are often looked down on or mistreated in American society.

Not only that, but it’s a ridiculous claim on its face. Remember, Alaskan Bush People just plowed through a major controversy: They reportedly stole thousands of dollars from the state of Alaska. They committed a series of crimes and pleaded guilty. Logically, I’d think that if the Discovery Channel wanted to wash its hands of Alaskan Bush People for image reasons, that would be the reason.

Rumor: Alaskan Bush People Is Canceled

This one can go ahead and be put to bed already. Sure, we haven’t heard a series of confirmations as to if and when Alaskan Bush People would be canceled. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything to suggest the show won’t be back for at least one more season. I mean, it’s already established that the cast is back in Alaska and filming has resumed.

Why bother if the show is canned? So yes, at some point, possibly even later this year, we should expect to find out that Alaskan Bush People will be back.

Rumor: Alaska Prosecuted The Browns “Because Of Their Way Of Life.”

I saved this rumor for last because, in a way, it was partially circulated by Alaskan Bush People.

Despite the vague claims made by the narrator and statements by Billy Brown, the truth is just a CNN article click away.

“On Monday, the Brown family patriarch and one of his sons pleaded guilty to fraud charges involving allegations that they took money from a state fund for residents while they were living elsewhere, according to media reports.”

“Billy Brown, 63, and Joshua Brown, 31, were sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of unsworn falsification in the second degree, according to the Juneau Empire newspaper.”

“They’ll also have to pay fines and thousands of dollars in restitution, the newspaper said.”

Here’s an additional quote from Alaska Dispatch-News.

“The case against the Browns — which began with charges filed in 2014 — has called into question how long the stars of the popular reality TV show “Alaskan Bush People” actually lived in Alaska. Most Alaska residents can get a Permanent Fund dividend check if they have lived in the state for at least one calendar year.”

“Alaskans can leave the state for up to 180 days and still be eligible for the check. If they leave for longer than that, it must be for a reason such as attending college.”

So there it is, in black and white: The Brown family lied about being in Alaska for nearly four years. To legally collect the PFD, a citizen must be in the state for most of the year in question. They can’t be outside of Alaska for a period greater than 180 days in any given year.

This information is available during the application process, so there’s no way that the Alaskan Bush People cast was unaware. They broke the law. They were aware they broke the law. They were caught.

What the outcome would be had the Browns not pled guilty is unknown. However, why imply that the state of Alaska pursued a fraud case against these people for no reason? Factually incorrect. The case against the Browns was always a solid one.

What speculation have you heard about Alaskan Bush People that isn’t necessarily true? What rumors do you think are factual? Share your thoughts below!

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