DirecTV Is Giving Out $100 Gift Cards This NFL Season To Qualifying Customers

DirecTV is giving out $100 gift cards this NFL season to qualifying customers, according to press statements. The 2016 NFL season runs from September 8 until the Super Bowl game on February 5. That means there’s a lot of football watching each Sunday over the next five months. DirecTV celebrates NFL season every year with the NFL Sunday ticket, and the current promotion is certain to attract football fans. The special runs from September 12 until October 2, according to DirecTV.


To qualify for the deal, new customers must order the Choice package or above. Those who add the NFL Sunday Ticket will qualify for the gift card. Check with DirecTV for full details. A 24-month subscription is required for the promotion. The gift card is in the form of a DirecTV VISA rewards card. Make certain to check the terms of service before selecting a package. DirecTV is known for their expansive sports channels, and the NFL Sunday Ticket is a popular addition to the satellite television provider each season.


In addition to the NFL Sunday Ticket, DirecTV offers other sports packages. These include MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, DirecTV Sports Pack, soccer, pay-per-view sporting events, tennis, golf and international sports. Those who subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket will get NFL On Demand as well.

DirecTV is a digital satellite TV provider, and its competitors include DishTV and cable and FIOS providers. Those interested in comparing the differences between DirecTV, DishTV, and cable can find information on the DirecTV site. One of the advantages DirecTV points out that separates it from the competition is the NFL Sunday Ticket. The company also points out that they have the Red Zone channel and Fantasy Zone channel with the ability to watch up to eight NFL games simultaneously.


DirecTV offers several packages with varying amounts of channels included. Several packages are ineligible for the free gift card promotion. These include the Select All Included and Entertainment All Included packages. The Select All included package has 145 channels and the Entertainment All Included package has 150 channels. To qualify for the free gift card promotion, you will need to order the Choice All Included with 175 channels, Xtra All Included with 220 channels, Ultimate All Included featuring 240 channels, and Premier All Included with 315 channels. You have the option of adding premium and sports channels to your package if they aren’t included. When choosing DirecTV packages, make certain to consider the cost of taxes and fees. Speak to a DirecTV agent regarding any questions, concerns or comments you might have.

Certain channels are DirecTV exclusives such as the NFL Sunday Ticket. Most new packages offer premium channels for a limited time free. Considering the number of channels included in the premier package, many NFL fans find that DirecTV offers advantages when compared to other companies. In addition to television channels, DirecTV also provides satellite XM radio.

Equipment used in DirecTV systems include a satellite dish and a digital set-top receiver that is remote control operated. Installation is often quick and when you order your package, you will make arrangements for the satellite to be installed. In addition to the basic setup, DirecTV has additional equipment that you may add to your package. Various receivers are available that will change the type of content you view and how you record it.

The Genie is DirecTV’s newest DVR receiver. With the Genie, you can record shows and then play them in various rooms. Previously, you would need a separate DVR in each room. Other DirecTV receivers include the Genie Light, HD DVR, TiVO HD DVR, and the HD Receiver. You can find out more about each receiver at the official DirecTV website.

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