WWE News: Kevin Owens Says He Wants To Be Like John Cena

Kevin Owens was talking to Chris Jericho on the I Am Jericho podcast and the conversation between the two went in the direction of John Cena. It was at this point that Owens proved that he has almost more respect for Cena than anyone else in the WWE and there is a number of reasons for that respect. During the interview, Owens said that his goal in the WWE is to one day get the type of reaction that John Cena gets when he comes into the ring.

“Even at a live event in, man… I’m in the middle of the ring [Cena’s] music hits and the noise, no matter how big the building is, no matter how big the crowd is, no matter if they’re tired because it has been a long night, the noise, because it’s boos and it’s cheers, and it just hits the middle of the ring, it’s the craziest sound. And to me, that’s what I want one day.”

According to Kevin Owens, he doesn’t ever want to be universally loved or universally hated, but he wants to have people disagreeing on what they think of him. Owens said that he doesn’t mind some people feeling he doesn’t look the part while others love that he looks different. Kevin said he wants people to love him and hate him so that he gets the unique John Cena treatment in the WWE.

One area that Kevin Owens doesn’t want to be like John Cena is in his goody-goody areas, as Owens prizes his ability to play the heel. However, Kevin loves what Cena does for kids and had an especially great story about a moment his son had with Cena.

Kevin Owens’ son Owen has always claimed John Cena as his favorite wrestler. There was a video that was released of Owens son flipping out when he saw his dad make his WWE Monday Night Raw premiere and confronting John Cena. It was a huge moment that was exciting to see when it comes to a child seeing his dad get into a ring with his hero.

Fox Sports reported that Kevin Owens had a great story about John Cena and the first time that he met Owens’ son. According to Kevin, he took his son to a WWE event before he signed up with the WWE and after John Cena’s match, he raced his son down to maybe slap Cena’s hand. Sadly, John didn’t circle the ring after the match and Owens’ son was heartbroken.

John Cena made it up to Kevin Owens’ son. Cena asked Owens to bring his son to the WWE Performance Center to look around. When Owens got there, Cena was waiting and had a surprise for Kevin Owens’ son. Cena had a letter that he handwrote and handed to Owens’ son.

“And the letter was John basically apologizing for that. Honestly, as a father, my crowning moment now is that moment when I got to see my son interact with John for the first time, and just see how happy Owen was. And John Cena is the one to thank for that, but I feel like a great dad.”

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Kevin Owens wrestles tonight against Roman Reigns on WWE Monday Night Raw. If Reigns win the match, he gets to take part in the Clash of Champions main event Universal Championship match that also involves Seth Rollins in two weeks.

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